Common Health Problems for Popular Dog Breeds

Man’s best friends and lifelong companions, dogs are some of the most loyal and loving friends you’ll come across—which makes it every dog-owner’s responsibility to care for their health. So get comfortable, curl up with your dog if you have one already, or just think lovingly of your dream dog to come as you read about these common health problems for popular dog breeds.

Common Health Problems for Popular Dog Breeds

German Shepherds

Hip dysplasia can show itself in dogs of any size, but German shepherds are especially prone to this condition, among other health issues. It occurs when the ball and socket of the hip don’t develop properly, causing the dog to struggle when they’re walking. A few common signs of hip dysplasia are a decrease in your dog’s daily activity, difficulty climbing stairs, and a swaying gait to their walk.


Chubby dogs are some of the cutest things on this Earth, but any dog—corgis more so than most breeds—can suffer from obesity just like any human being can. It can be easy to overfeed your dog when you’re at the dinner table and they’re looking up at you with those big, glassy eyes, but it’s important to regulate their diet and to tell them no. Daily walks around the neighborhood or just play-wrestling with them in the living room can help them—and even you—burn some calories and stay fit.


Epilepsy is of the most common neurological disorders in dogs, especially in beagles. It can take a few forms, but common symptoms include your dog falling over, going stiff, or shaking violently. Your beagle may have one or all of these symptoms. Fortunately, there’s medication to lessen the symptoms and relieve your dog of the stress of epileptic episodes.


With 50 percent of dogs over the age of 10 developing some form of cancer, it’s important to be on the lookout for the subtle symptoms of cancer in your dog. Boxers seem to be more prone to certain cancers. Common signs to take note of are large, rapidly growing lumps; abnormal bleeding; enlarged lymph nodes; and loss of appetite.

These common health problems for popular dog breeds might seem a little scary, but they’re important to consider when you have a dog. Your pup relies on you to notice these health issues and to take care of them if they come up. Now go out there and get that dream dog, because they’re waiting for you, too.

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