Creative Careers for Starving Artists

You have enough sketchbooks to build an art studio. You’ve had first chair in orchestra longer than anyone in your school’s history. More people have read your fanfiction online than people in your school have read The Great Gatsby. Suffice to say, you are an artist. But when you suggest the idea of art school to your parents, they make a face and say those dreaded words, “How will you make a living doing that?”

Creative Careers for Starving Artists

Unfortunately, they have a point. Many struggle to make a living in the arts. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue this field, though. It just means you probably need a day job to support your art, especially when you’re starting out. The good news? There are plenty of creative careers for starving artists to help you refine your art skills even on the clock.

Interior Designer

At a glance, it doesn’t seem hard to slap some paint on a wall and arrange a room. But you would be surprised by how much art theory goes into interior design. You can make an entire room look bigger with the proper application of paint by using light and perspective. Balance and symmetry are used in furniture arrangement. In other words, an interior designer is just an artist who uses rooms as a canvas.

Content Writers

Not to be meta, but somebody is out there writing the blog you’re reading—and that person has to know how to string together words in a creative and engaging way. If you love writing novels, poetry, and short stories, you will probably make a good content writer. Content writers write a whole slew of things, including:

  • Blogs
  • Page descriptions
  • E-mail newsletters
  • Online articles
  • User manuals

And don’t let the fact that none of these are fictional stress you out. You’d be surprised at the creativity that’s involved. And don’t forget: The more you practice the art of putting words on the page, the better you’ll be at crafting your own projects.

Military Band

Here’s something to keep in mind if you relate to aggressively avoiding eye contact with the visiting army recruiter in the cafeteria. The US military has over 80 bands that play for ceremonies, state arrivals, and state funerals. To get in, you must audition and go through a rigorous training period. You do have to go through basic training too, but band members rarely see armed combat.

Art Therapy

Art can change and help people, and no one knows that better than art therapists. As an art therapist, you work with people going through overwhelming situations and process through their emotions using various artforms. It’s more than just a creative career for a starving artist. Art therapy allows you to use your craft to change people’s lives. And isn’t that art’s true purpose?

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