Creatures Throughout History That Sound Made-Up

From dinosaurs to the creatures deep within our oceans, some animals seem so foreign and farfetched, yet we know they only existed or even still do. Here are some creatures throughout history that sound made-up. Learning a little more about some of the unique beasts in our world is sure to leave you in awe.

Creatures Throughout History That Sound Made-Up


Most people know that the platypus exists. Sometimes called the duck-billed platypus, this animal is semiaquatic and seems to share many characteristics of birds, despite it being a mammal. It lays eggs instead of birthing live young and is one of three only venomous mammals to exist.


The okapi is also known as a forest giraffe or a zebra giraffe. Though its neck isn’t the multi-foot-long anomaly that giraffes possess, the okapi looks like a mix of a deer and a zebra. With a brown body and zebra-striped legs, this creature is fascinating in appearance. Experts estimate that there are less than 35,000 still in existence.


The tardigrade, also known as a water bear or a moss piglet, is an eight-legged micro-animal. It looks like a cross between a bear and a pig, only with more legs. These creatures top off around 1 mm in length, so most aren’t visible with the naked eye. Plus, they are see-through, so they may be difficult to pick out. They live on moss or algae and are definitely worth taking a closer look.


The lamprey, often mislabeled as a lamprey eel, looks like something straight out of an alien movie. With a toothed, funnel-like mouth that sucks, this animal comes from a lineage of jawless fish. Their mouths have rows and rows of teeth that make these legless creatures look unreal.


The Oculudentavis was the smallest dinosaur to have ever existed. Its name means “eye tooth bird,” and it weighed less than a tenth of an ounce. That’s super itty bitty! To put its size even further into perspective, scientists found one in a drop of amber—preserved that way for almost one-hundred million years. Remember that scene in Jurassic Park? Maybe there’s something to amber after all. This tiny dino had a multitude of sharp teeth, most likely to feed on bugs and crustaceans.


Experts believe that the Spinosaurus, also known as a “spine lizard,” was one of the most fierce and dangerous predators to walk the earth. This beast was the largest predatory dinosaur ever discovered and dwelled in water as crocodiles do. It had a large fin on its back and could lunge out of the water at any time to capture prey. It was the first swimming dinosaur ever discovered and was doubly dangerous, given its ability to walk on land with its short legs. If these existed now, we might find it very difficult to feel safe around bodies of water.

These are just a few creatures throughout history that sound made-up. Honestly, there are so many impossibly unusual animals that still exist today. Further exploration into the ones that no longer exist may leave you feeling thankful. Some of these beasts would have been absolutely terrifying to meet.

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