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Dental Procedures You’ll Likely Go Through During Your Teens

Taking care of your oral health is essential. Often this will include having certain procedures done to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. Many of these procedures will happen during your teen years. 

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Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Most people have wisdom teeth and need to have them removed. These teeth form at the very back of your mouth and you can have anywhere from all four of them to none at all. If you do have wisdom teeth, they need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Wisdom teeth can begin to cause pain as they grow. 

They may also grow in ways that put pressure on other teeth. This can cause serious damage down the line. Getting them removed can erase the pain you’re feeling and nip any problems with how your teeth are developing in the bud. If wisdom teeth are left un-extracted, they can also eventually become infected. 


Another common procedure that teens face is getting braces. Having braces can straighten out your teeth and correct any issues such as overbites, crossbites, misaligned teeth, and more. By straightening out your teeth, you avoid potential health issues and can chew properly. Additionally, it gives you a winning smile. When it comes to braces, you have a lot of options. 

Traditional braces work well, but some teens may dislike the look of them, especially if they have to wear them for a long time. While they cost more, clear braces offer improved aesthetics over metal braces. You can also get clear braces, removable retainers that straighten your teeth in a more subtle way. 


Teeth go through a lot of wear and tear and sometimes you need procedures to address this. Fillings are helpful because they address a number of dental issues. A filling is when the dentist removes decay in your tooth and then fills it back in again with stronger material. You might need a filling for a fractured tooth, a cavity, a cracked tooth, or even a replacement for a damaged filling. Some fillings may be more severe and could require a cap or even a crown. Fillings are fairly common, but taking care of your teeth can reduce your need for them. Talk to your dentist if you’re ever concerned. 

It’s normal to have certain procedures done on your teeth. These procedures prevent future issues and correct current ones–and preventative care is the best way to save you both money and stress. It’s worth talking to your dentist to understand what procedures you may need. 

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