Easy Tricks for Improving Your Gaming Setup

Gaming is a fun hobby for many, but it can be a hard one to get right. You need to find the right games, pick the right time in the day to avoid interruptions, and on top of all of that, you need a good setup. Gaming in a bad setup can hurt the experience, but thankfully there are some easy improvements you can make to your gaming setup to make gaming easy again.

Easy Tricks for Improving Your Gaming Setup

Quality Equipment

Getting your equipment set up is probably the first step that everyone should take care of, as it lays the foundation for all your future gaming experiences. Without a quality computer, chair, TV, or monitor, all your gaming experiences will fall short.

Nothing has hurt a game more than not being able to sit in the chair for a long time or not enjoying the highest tier of graphics because your computer can’t handle it. Get the best equipment you can, and from that point forward, you can do all the gaming you want without interruption from frozen screens or an achy back.

Obviously, a high performing PC with a dedicated graphics card and sufficient RAM is critical. One tip is to use free partition software to keep your OS files separate from your data files–which can speed up performance.

Get Better Internet

This point seems hard to implement, but it’s impossible to overstate just how important it is. In the age of online gaming and downloading games instead of buying physical copies, your internet connection has a lot of influence over your experience. Rural areas often face poor internet, but thankfully there are ways to get fast and reliable internet even in these places. On top of having superior internet for gaming, your family may get on board with the idea, as a quality connection makes working and streaming movies much easier as well.

Quality Lighting

Another way to boost your setup and make it more comfortable is to take care of the lighting. There is something immersive to having all the lights off and the only thing around you being your game, but this is not healthy in the long term. It strains your eyes and your brain. A trendy alternative is installing some smart light bulbs. You can configure these lights to harmonize with the colors on your screen, adding to that sense of immersion and making you feel as if you are right in the game.

There are many easy tricks for improving your gaming setup, but at the end of the day, it is your setup and no one else’s. If you feel comfortable with it, then keep it! Try and think about the long-term comfort and functionality and how it will impact your health, but do what makes you happy as well.

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