Easy Ways for Teens To Make Money

Between classes, clubs, and sports, you might not find much time to work a part-time job on top of all that. Even if you don’t have enough time to work twenty hours a week, there are other methods you can utilize to get some spending money. If that sounds like something you could use, check out these easy ways for teens to make money.

Easy Ways for Teens To Make Money

Become a Referee/Umpire

Your local park district probably offers positions to anyone over the age of 12. Kids’ sports leagues are always in need of officials to call the games. The pay ranges from fifteen to thirty dollars per game, and they rarely last more than ninety minutes. This is a great way to make a few bucks in the evening after most school clubs and athletics have ended. On Saturdays, you can even pull double and triple headers if you have the time.

Recycling Aluminum

Of all the easy ways for teens to make money, recycling aluminum is probably the easiest—but also the least lucrative. There are many reasons to recycle aluminum, but the main one sure to interest you is that you can get paid for it. Though recycling has become mainstream and most waste management companies will pick it up for you, there are still plenty of metal recycling plants that will take your unwanted aluminum. Cans and foil are the most common household sources, and your parents probably won’t mind you picking those things up around the house!


If you do well in any subject in school, you could probably make some easy money by offering yourself as a tutor. Parents want their students to do a little bit better in school, and you can offer that to them through one-on-one tutoring sessions. Math and English are generally the most in-demand, but you can make money as a tutor in any subject if you’re good enough.

While money is hard to come by when you’re a teenager, there are a few simple solutions that can earn you cash without fully committing to a part-time job. Refereeing, recycling, and tutoring are all easy tasks you can do in your spare time that take less than two hours on days you want to do them. Gigs like these are also helpful with budgeting and valuing your money when you’re older.

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