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Born in Southern California ELLA AND MIA ALLAN have quite an impressive resume as the most sought-after twins in Hollywood. With a career spanning only 10 years, Ella and Mia have an unprecedented number of roles with some of the biggest names in the business. Together, The Allan Twins have 138 episodes of Network television, 1 movie, 3 pilots, 2 Voice Over episodes, and 3 national commercials.

Their career began at just 6 months old playing Baby Thomas Teller on FX’s Sons of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam. That led to recurring roles on such long running series as Parenthood playing Nora Braverman alongside Craig T. Nelson and Jane the Virgin starring Gina Rodriguez and Yael Grobglas which was their first role playing twin sisters Ellie and Anna Solano.

Ella and Mia played a young Marilyn Monroe alongside Susan Sarandon as well as guest starring roles on Young Sheldon and The Cool KIDS not to mention voicing the roles of Ginger and Lavender on Disney’s Amphibia. Recently, they were series regulars on ABC’s hit comedy Single Parents starring as Brad Garretts’ precocious twins Amy and Emma. 

Ella and Mia once again have the unique opportunity to play twins with their roles as Lola and Lana Loud in A Loud House Christmas, Nickelodeon’s live action version of their hit cartoon The Loud House. 

Ella and Mia know the importance of giving back to the community. The twins lend their star power in support of such charities as Brad Garrett’s Maximum Hope Foundation, Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation, St. Jude’s, The Salvation Army, and Alex’s Lemonade. When not working or giving back, this dynamic duo enjoys collecting Squishmallows, drawing, experimenting with make-up and fashion, and riding their horse Chili. 

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Hello girls, nice to chat with you! Tell us a little about yourselves outside of showbiz.

Hi! Thank you for having us. We are 11 years old. Our birthday is on November 14th. We are identical mirror twins, meaning one is right-handed (Ella) and one is left-handed (Mia). It’s basically like looking at yourself in mirror. We have a brother Justin that is 8 years old and is an actor as well. We have 4 dogs, 1 horse, 1 bunny, and 1 tortoise. We really enjoy spending time with our family and would love to travel more. Currently, we are taking horseback riding lessons, singing lessons, dancing lessons, and music lessons. Right now, we really like being creative with art, makeup, jewelry, and we like to collect Squishmallows.

What was the best part about filming “A Loud House Christmas”?

It’s always a bonus to be able to work as twin sisters. We really related to our characters, and it was so fun to see how we could bring them to life.  Also, everyone on the cast got along well so being sisters in the movie felt very real because the cast had bonded so well. And let’s be honest we got to film a Christmas movie! It couldn’t get any better than that. 

Why do you think people are going to want to watch it?

It’s a Christmas movie, so anyone that loves to sip some hot cocoa and turn on a feel-good movie is going to want to tune in to see it. The movie has a diverse group of kids and characters along with wacky adventures, so it is funny and heartwarming at the same time. It’s one to sit down with the family and watch!

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What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

The Christmas season is just special to us in general. We love watching all the classic Christmas movies and soon “A Loud House Christmas” will be added to that lol! We really love having the family get together, walking neighbor hoods to see the Christmas lights, eating all the Christmas junk food, and naturally giving and getting presents =)

What does each of you want for Christmas this year?

We would love a big trampoline and just about anything having to do with fashion or makeup. We also love jewelry and of course Squishmallows.

How do you guys celebrate when you book a role?

Jump up and down and call all of our friends and family! We actually go to some kind of dinner or treat with the family. Sometimes, we will treat ourselves to something we’ve wanted for a while or we will go somewhere fun like a waterslide park or amusement park or get a hotel or Airbnb somewhere like the beach or mountains.

Apart from “A Loud House Christmas” what past project has been your favorite to work on?

There’s no way we can choose because each one has had its own unique set of circumstances. Regardless of the project whenever we got to work as actual twin sisters on screen have been the best experiences.  

What do you consider is the best quality or feature of your other twin?

Ella is loyal, loving, and creative. Mia is funny, caring, and mischievous.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about your twin?

Ella is a little bossy at times and Mia loves to get all of the attention lol!

What’s the funniest prank you guys have pulled?

Probably when we interviewed Brad Garret for an Instagram takeover and he jokingly said that we are mischievous and couldn’t be trusted, then he pretended like he couldn’t find his wallet. That gave us the idea to actually steal his wallet (temporarily) and told him we charged a bunch of items on his card. 

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Tell us about your work with charities and why helping others and animals is important to you?

We always like to pick charities that have a special meaning for us. We had an uncle that passed away from Melanoma skin cancer and we never got to meet him, and we have worked with other people who have had family members pass away from cancer. So, working with charities that help cancer patients and their families that are affected by cancer is important to us. Also, anything to help with kids’ quality of life and the families that have been affected by such tragedies.  

As for helping animals, we have always just loved animals. We love how connected they are to people and how they can turn your day around when you are feeling sad. Whenever we have seen an animal being mistreated (even when its fake on a movie) it has always struck us hard. Most animals are just innocent and enjoy having relationships with people. We have always had pets since we were little so we know how much they can impact someone’s life and sometimes even bring healing, like a therapy horse, dog, or any other kind of animal. We can’t picture our lives without them. 

Favorite social media influencer or channel and why?

We don’t really have any specific favorite. We love “life hacks”, “pranks”, and people that do fun or funny things for outlandish giveaways

One food I REFUSE to eat (and why) is  _____________.

Ella: Not a fan of sea food, oddly I really like sushi but cooked fish, lobster, squid…because…its squid lol 

Mia: I’m kind of picky but when I see people eat octopus for sushi or whatever, it makes me   really sad because they are such amazing creatures, so I can’t see myself ever eating one of those.

My most favorite item in my room is__________.

Ella: We just put-up LED lights around our ceiling and they just make me so happy. 

 Mia: I really like my bed cause its full of Squishmallows and we also have this miniature 2-person couch that is pretty cool.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you?

I think most people we have run into, haven’t really put together that we are the same kids from these different projects, like when we describe what other roles we have done, the response is usually, no way that was you guys!? They are surprised that we have been doing this since we were about 6 months old and have worked with some really amazing people and have worked on a lot of different diverse shows.

What else are you working on or have coming up next?

Currently we are working on keeping our skills sharp. We would love to get a sequel to “A Loud House Christmas” if they ever decide to have one. We are working on pitching projects. We would just love to work together as twins whether it be something we create as a new idea or a spinoff of any one of the characters we have done. We would also love to do a project with our little brother Justin.

Could we get a selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans?

Screen Shot 2021 12 22 at 8.15.13 PM

If you follow our social media pages, particularly Instagram, we post pretty often and we keep it really real on there so head on over and see what’s coming up next =) 

Thanks for having us.

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