Equipment All Youth Baseball Players Need To Play Ball

Playing baseball requires a lot more gear than a pair of tennis shoes and a ball. By knowing the equipment all youth baseball players need to play ball, you’ll see what you need to get to feel like a future all-star.

Equipment All Youth Baseball Players Need To Play Ball



You can buy a single ball, a bag of balls, or even an entire bucket of balls. If you’re just getting started, buying a cheap bag will suffice so you don’t break the bank.


Catching a ball with your bare hands isn’t the most effective strategy. Get yourself some great gloves. There are oodles of potential options out there for you to sift through, including specific gloves for the position you play.


While it may feel a bit too personal, having a protective cup may keep you from a debilitating injury, especially if you plan on being a catcher. Other positions—like an outfielder—have fewer risks, but you never know when that lousy hop is coming.


Getting a new pair of baseball cleats will have you rounding the bases with the best of them. Youth players use rubber cleats for safety purposes. The metal spikes will come later in your baseball endeavors.


Batting Gloves

Using batting gloves gives you a better grip and keeps your hands from stinging from the contact. Most players use gloves even if they aren’t necessary. (However, a notable exception to this is Kyle Tucker of the Houston Astros.)

Catching Gear

If you want to become the next Yasmani Grandal, you’ll need all the catcher’s gear that comes with the position. However, catching gear adds up over time, so you might want to hold off and see if your league will supply you with some of it.


The age-old debate of using stirrups or socks can go on forever. In favor of stirrups, their traditional appearance of looks better than socks, and they offer specific benefits like providing additional support for your feet.


When you’re part of a team, getting a bat will be optional, since you could borrow a teammate’s. Nevertheless, you might want a bat that feels like yours, especially if you want to practice.



These pieces of equipment are optional; the league and team you are on will most likely supply them. If you’re playing baseball in a sandlot, you don’t necessarily need a specific jersey (unless you feel cooler pretending you’re Fernando Tatis, Jr.)


A solid pair of baseball pants will keep you protected from all the dives and slides you’ll have throughout the year. Getting a raspberry on your leg is agonizing, so protecting yourself is essential.


Unless you require a specific helmet, your team should have plenty in all shapes and sizes. Your helmet protects you anytime you are batting.

Now you know the equipment all youth baseball players need to play ball, you can head to your local sporting goods store and buy it all before heading to the diamond.

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