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Everyday Ways To Wear Your Fandom With Style

One of the best parts of enjoying a hip, modern franchise is digging into the endless merchandise. Clothes especially are fun, as they let the wearer actively show off their favorite series. For everyone’s sake, we’ll assume you’ve already raided your local retailers and have a good selection of general casual wear that’s on-brand. Instead, let’s explore everyday ways to wear your fandom with style that are a bit subtler.

Everyday Ways To Wear Your Fandom With Style

The Adjacent Fashion Strategy

When it comes to stealthily geeking out over that one character you love, adjacent fashion is pretty effective. Rather than cosplaying a character’s best known or main outfit, look for scenes with casual wear. More than ever these days, we get to see glimpses into the ordinary moments of heroes and villains and even see their streetwear styles.

While many retain their eccentric flair wherever they are, plenty of heroes and villains wear well-tailored but average clothes. Try out your favorite character’s fashion sense or regular hairdo. You’ll feel as awesome as they are, and only other fans will suspect a thing.

Branded Designer Wear

Most people in fandoms for more than a few weeks already have a nice collection of branded clothes. Items can include scarves, socks, shoes, sweaters, shirts, and much more. Most are very standard and simply have an added graphic. While these items are great, they’re not stylish outside of average street clothes. If you’re looking to own a unique piece of wearable fan fashion, you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Designer brands and major franchises often work together to create limited runs of beautiful and unique merchandise. You can find a wide selection of items that resemble the real costumes but are more reasonable for every day, such as partial outfits, jackets, and tops. Leather jackets, especially, allow for the designer to add in movie-worthy details and cuts. Anyone who wants to invest in an amazing piece for their collection should keep in mind the special care certain items will need. Specialty materials like leather need careful handling to stay beautiful and strong.

Branded Accessories

When it comes to everyday ways to wear your fandom with style, smaller is often better. While it might be fun to walk around with a gaudy faux-gold and diamond-studded bat signal, it’s not always practical. Instead, consider looking for accessories to represent your faves subtly. For ladies, delicate earrings and gorgeous rings are getting more popular all the time.

Guys will also find an increasing number of pendants, bracelets, and watches to represent their favorite fandoms. Many of these items are even becoming available in higher-quality materials that hold their value well. These accessories will be valuable both to collectors and anyone interested in fine jewelry.

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