Exclusive Interviews with Duplexity & Influencers: EP Release Party at the Globe Theater

Join us for an exclusive event with the dynamic sibling duo, Savannah and Luke of Duplexity, at their EP release party held at the iconic Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Get the inside scoop on their music and what it’s like working as siblings in the music industry. Plus, we play a fun word association game with some unexpected responses! Don’t miss out on these candid and exciting interviews with Duplexity & their guests? 🎢🎀 #Duplexity #TeenMusicians #SiblingDuo

Abryelle Wilson @abryelle.wilson

Luke & Savannah Judy @duplexityband

Emily Roman @emillyroman

Gemma Asfour @gemma.asfour

Connor Dean @theconnordean

Addison Gibbs @addisongibbs08

Daire McLeod @daire_mcleod

Chelsea Otto Ferary @ottoferary

McKenna Camille @mckenacamille

Anya Kay @anyakay7

Neil D’Monte @clanofthevein

Hailey Hermida @haileyhermida

Julia Culbert @juliaculbert

Mason McNulty @mason.mcnulty

Izabellah Diez @izabellahdiez

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