Facts About Underage Drinking That Teens Should Know

Teenagers of today face a long list of “rites of passage” that they feel pressured to try, often before they’re ready. Those experiences aren’t mandatory, though. Even if you are offered alcohol or drugs, you have every right to refuse without feeling guilty. You are in charge of your transition to adulthood; it’s time to take the reins and make decisions for yourself! Before you start that transition, here are a few facts about underage drinking that teens should know. Make informed, grown-up decisions—don’t let anyone make them for you!

Facts About Underage Drinking That Teens Should Know

Think of Your Brain

The younger a person is when they begin drinking, the more likely they are to develop a dependency or addiction later on. Your brain isn’t done developing yet, and regular alcohol use can impair your growth.

Movies Lie to You

Not all teens drink! Underage alcohol use is normalized (and, some would argue, glorified) in the media because it creates entertaining plotlines and drama. If you surround yourself with other non-drinkers, it’s easy to get through high school without being offered alcohol.

It Impacts Your Future

As mentioned above, the younger you start drinking, the more ingrained the habit becomes. In addition, drinking-related offenses show up on your record and can impact your ability to get a job. And alcohol does, in fact, show up on drug tests—a comprehensive panel can detect alcohol in your urine up to 80 hours after consumption.

It Can Be Embarrassing!

Consumption of alcohol lowers your inhibitions. That statement can sound freeing, but it’s also a bit of a monkey’s paw. When you drink, you may feel good for a few hours, but you run the risk of saying or doing something that’ll be hard to live down.

Worst-Case Scenario

Alcohol poisoning is no joke. The younger you are, the lower your tolerance for alcohol—and the easier it is for you to drink too much. It’s embarrassing (see above) to throw up in the middle of the party, but it’s even worse to leave that party in an ambulance.

As you venture boldly into adulthood, arm yourself with knowledge and hold firmly to your personal values. With these facts about underage drinking that teens should know, you can feel more confident about your choices and look forward to a bright future filled with possibilities.

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