Facts You Never Knew About Bees

Whether the presence of bees makes you freeze in fear or you’re passionate about protecting these misunderstood insects, most people can agree that bees carry an essential role in our ecosystem. While it’s common knowledge that bees pollinate flowers and plants, less is known about the strange quirks of these insects. To learn more about the strangest facts you never knew about bees, continue reading our blog.

Facts You Never Knew About Bees

Wear White To Keep Bees Calm

If you fear being stung or are allergic to bee stings, wearing white could significantly reduce your chances of a hostile interaction with a bee. If you have ever seen a beekeeper, you may have noticed that their jumpsuits are always white. The reason beekeepers uniformly use this color is that the color white calms bees.

While bees are drawn to bright colors that remind them of brightly colored flowers, white is a neutral color. Darker colors could also stimulate aggression, whereas white does not signal danger to these pollinators. The next time you coexist in your backyard with your fellow bees, try wearing white clothing to keep these insects calm and peaceful.

Bees Recognize Human Faces

One of the most surprising facts you may have never known about bees is that they can recognize human faces. Scientists have found that bees can recognize and remember human faces over repeated interactions.

This fact is less surprising when you account for how strong a bee’s memory must be to be a productive pollinator. Bees use their recognition to communicate with other bees to optimize pollination, and they also use their memory to return to their favorite flowers and plants.  

Bee Pollen Could Boost Your Immune System

When most people think of bees, they also imagine honey. Without bees, we wouldn’t have one of our favorite sweet syrups. However, fewer people are aware that beekeepers also collect bee pollen. Bee pollen is granules that contain bee saliva, plant pollen, and nectar.

These granules may seem like a strange combination, but bee pollen is full of highly effective health benefits. Bee pollen supplementscan be added to your daily diet to boost your immune system, decrease inflammation, and reduce menopausal symptoms.

Although we share a planet with bees, there is still so much that we don’t know about these creatures. These strange facts you never knew about bees are just a portion of the mysteries we have left to understand.

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