Fight Boredom: 3 Ways To Occupy Your Time This Summer

Summer has arrived. Finally, no more awkward Zoom calls with teachers and submitting homework online. As pumped as people are that summer is here, it can get a little boring sometimes. After all, there are only so many series you can binge-watch on Netflix. That’s why you should read about these ways to occupy your time this summer, so you’re never just lying around listening to your mom talk on the phone.

Fight Boredom: 3 Ways To Occupy Your Time This Summer


We’re young; we don’t have to worry about exercise too much. Gotta love that high metabolism, baby. Yet, if we want to look good going into the next school year, we shouldn’t spend the entire summer eating chips on the couch. On the plus side, these exercises are actually fun:

  • E-bikes can help you stay fit, and they’re a blast to ride around.
  • You can burn calories by swimming and trying out different strokes.
  • You can break a sweat by rollerblading to places around town.

Side Jobs

Teenagers can totally earn money during the summer instead of sitting at home. If you’re nervous about starting your first job, start small! Hang up flyers in the neighborhood offering to mow neighbors’ lawns. If you want more structure and responsibility while still spending time outside, think about becoming a lifeguard. You’ll have a blast sitting by the pool all summer.


Another way to occupy your time this summer is by volunteering. Trust me, it’s more beneficial than your parents say it is. For starters, you can put this on your college résumé—it’s never too early to start thinking about it. Also, you’ll feel really good helping people or animals in need.

There’s no shame in admitting that summer can be a little boring. Sometimes all your pals are busy, and you’re looking for something to do. That’s why you should follow these tips so that you don’t get stuck doing chores with your parents.

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