5 Miniature Hobbies for People Who Love Tiny Objects

Nobody is quite sure why, but people love things that are tiny. Frankly, tiny things are just cuter. Videos of little animals eating mini foods get millions of views; the same goes for videos of people making miniature things. If you love tiny objects, here are five miniature hobbies you need to check out right away.

5 Miniature Hobbies for People Who Love Tiny Objects

Modern Dollhouses

We’re not talking about your grandma’s priceless childhood toy that she never let you play with when you were a kid. Modern dollhouses are sleek and stylish dioramas that look like places you’d actually want to live. Does Barbie have an above-ground glass-walled pool? Not yet—you can either make your own from scratch or buy a kit online.

Bookshelf Dioramas

A distinct offshoot of the modern dollhouse trend is the bookshelf diorama. These slender boxes are decorated to look like doorways into other worlds, which is pretty perfect for a bookshelf. You can find kits online that offer scenes from popular books, or you can get creative and make your own.

Miniature Trains

Objects become cuter the smaller they get, and that includes model trains. They can get really small. Two of the smallest sizes are N scale and Z scale. An N scale boxcar is about as long as your ring finger, while a Z scale stock car of the same type would be about as long as your pinky. That’s pretty small!

Minuscule Food

We’ve all seen those videos of hamsters eating itty-bitty stacks of pancakes, tacos, and blueberry pies. Some channels actually cook the food in tiny kitchens using tea light candles and miniature spatulas. If you have a pet, or if you’re just in it for the cuteness, why not try your hand at baking some small foods?

Tiny Wargaming

Facing an army of skeletons sounds pretty frightening, unless the skeletons are the size of your thumbnail. If you want to take miniature painting to an even more miniature level, check out the two-millimeter scale. You can use your new minis to play wargames, or just enjoy painting them.

If you find joy in tiny objects, you’ll love these five miniature hobbies. Everyone knows small things are just better.

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