Five Things To Know About Kratom Drug Test

Our Earth is the home to many organic species, whether plants, animals, or microorganisms. It is a gift for humans that helps us heal from severe health conditions. Although the ancient people had no clues regarding the benefits of organic chemicals, scientific advancement has made everything feasible. The modern twentieth century has brought the discovery of several Kratom strains like gold maeng da.

Have you heard of the Kratom drug test? Kratom is an organic compound with high euphoric and psychoactive properties. It’s a byproduct of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree with an alkaloid composition. It grows in the Southeastern parts of Asia and produces coffee-like effects.

One can brew Mitragyna leaves into tea and experience high productivity and energy. Its leaves provide multiple benefits, including pain reduction, activeness, and a feeling of euphoria. Despite these many benefits, one can not deny that it is a psychedelic compound. So, does it show up during the drug test? Let’s explore the organic drug in depth before coming to any conclusion.

Many consumer reviews support the organic drug as a placebo. However, one must know about its drug test outcomes. Does the FDA approve this compound? Why is Kratom getting so famous? Let’s switch to these queries and gain a better understanding of Kratom.

Kratom: What Is It? What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Kratom?

It has gained popularity in recent years and is available online in various forms, including capsule, leaves, powder, and more. Several anecdotal reports suggest that it tends to recover people from opioid abuse. It acts similar to opioids but can reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that one might experience. Its low doses promote stimulant-like properties, and high doses boost sedating effects. However, it has mild side effects like sweating, frequent urination, and weight loss.

Although Kratom does not qualify as a controlled substance, the Drug Enforcement Administration considers it concerned. However, the DEA can not control it since it has gained public support and attention.

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Five Things To Know About Kratom Drug Test

●    What Does The FDA Say Regarding Kratom Use?

FDA is a well-renowned process of evaluating botanical drug reports. FDA claims that dietary supplements can not include it. It is an unapproved drug, but many sellers signify it as a safe product for treating severe health problems. However, one must know that this compound has opioid-like properties that bring FDA’s attention to its abuse and addiction. It might cause severe adverse effects, including death.

●    How Much Time Does It Take For Kratom To Start Working?

One can experience the benefits after 10-15 minutes of intaking Kratom. However, one needs to stay patient and wait for forty minutes to experience the best results. But, one must remember to consume it when the stomach is empty for enjoying maximum benefits. It takes 60-90 minutes on average for Kratom to start working when you intake it after a heavy meal. Each form of its consumable also differs from one another. The capsule form takes more time to express results as it dissolves inside the stomach.

●    The Kratom Effects Last For How Much Time?

The duration of its effects depends on dosage, strain, age, gender, tolerance, and many other factors.

One must know that Kratom’s half-life and length of effects are two different terms. The minimum duration of the potential features of it lasts for a minimum of two hours. However, sometimes the benefits can continue for up to eight hours. The duration of intake won’t impact the withdrawal duration of it.

●    How Much Time Does Kratom Stay Inside The Body?

Though clinical research is minimal, some statistical data shows that Kratom’s half-life is twenty-four hours. It signifies that 50% of the alkaloid-rich compound fades away within a day. There is no average time for how long Mitragyna Speciosa products stay inside the body. The half-life of this organic drug depends on dosage, user frequency, and other factors.

Thus, the alkaloids leave the system at a high rate at low doses. Factors like age, fat levels, and drug interactions also play a crucial role in affecting the overall potential of Kratom. The elders have a slow metabolism rate and renal activity. It allows the organic drug to stay inside the body for a long duration.

●    What Is The Result Of Drug Test On Kratom Intake?

Several experiments or tests cannot detect the traces of Mitragyna Speciosa. Although all states do not approve this drug, the tests intend to check five types of drugs! They are:

  • Opiates,
  • Cannabinoids,
  • Cocaine,
  • PCP,
  • Amphetamines.

Different Ways Of Drug Screening

●    Drug Detection In Urine

Urinalysis helps in checking the presence of herbal supplements. One can experience a positive result on a Urine drug test. It is because this method excels in the detection of some specific alkaloids. An average user can test positive 5 days after the intake. One can avoid positive results if this test occurs after two weeks of its intake.

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●    Kratom Detection In Blood

The blood test is the easiest way to detect the presence its amount. Although it is not preferable for substance detection, one can use it within 24 hours of intake for accurate results. Blood screening specifies an overdose when Mitragyna concentration levels exceed 300 ng/ml. However, blood screening has a short detection window that makes it non-reliable for drug detection.

●    Detection Via Saliva

Scientific research suggests that saliva tests can detect metabolites in a person. However, no lab tests have occurred for detecting Mitragyna via saliva test.

●    Drug Detection Through Hair

Hair follicle detection is rare! However, hair follicle analysis has a longer detection window (lasts for 90 days). But, no information is available regarding hair follicle’s detection.

Probation And Military Drug Test For Kratom

Probation officers can request to check the presence of Mitragyna Speciosa in those areas where it is illegal. Court’s probation condition can restrict a psychoactive substance. Its use is risky, especially when illegal in a particular place. Probation officers can find it during the home inspection or via drug test.

The Department of Defence (DoD) does not allow Mitragyna Speciosa use as a dietary regime. Although Military service members must not use this herb, it does not show in a DoD test.


Kratom is a Mitragyna-based organic drug that has opioid-like properties. One can experience many benefits via its consumption due to its psychoactive nature. However, the FDA does not approve this drug in dietary supplements due to its adverse side effects. This article served its purpose as a guide to kratom strains. Drug screening is possible in many ways. However, there are specific methods that can avoid positive results. The alkaloid levels and their strength depends on the strain you use and the dosage level. A urine drug test is the easiest and fastest way to check its presence. It can show up on the fifth day of intake as well. One must seek professional advice and look for healthy alternatives to avoid addiction.

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