Get to Know Hashtag Zoe (Zoe Nazarian)

Meet Zoe Nazarian! Zoe is a rising, teen social media star whose comedic and relatable content will make you want to be her BFF!! You can find Zoe on any given social media app @HashtagZoe. Be sure to follow her! We recently got the chance to get to know her a little better. Come get to know her with us!

Scroll for our Q&A with Hashtag Zoe!

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How did you get your start?

I got my start on Youtube when I was 13 years old, after trying to break into mainstream entertainment wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. I decided to try something on my own.

When I was going from audition to audition, I found that most of the parts were going to very skinny girls. At the time, the industry was looking for small & thin actors to fit into what was perceived as normal. I was a curvy girl and proud of it.

These days, the entertainment industry is a lot more inclusive of all sorts of different, “real,” people and I’m here for it. Once I really started posting content, I fell in love with it. I also love the idea of having my own platform where I can maybe make a difference in this world.

What is your favorite type of video to film?

I like to create characters! It allows me to film full scenario videos, without having to cast other people! I also love a good parody video!

The Youtube Psychic:

What’s your favorite social media app to post on?

That’s a really hard question, because I’m on the majority of the social media apps out there! I think my top five are: Youtube, Instagram, PopJam, TikTok and Likee.

Fave songs on your Spotify playlist?

I love music. Like I’m literally connected to my Spotify ALL THE TIME….except when I sleep, because that would be weird. My current top five faves are:

Bad Guy, Billie Eilish ft. Justin Bieber

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m bored, Arianna Grande

Money in the Grave, Drake

No Guidance, Chris Brown, ft. Drake

Sunday Best, Surfaces

Does Billie Eilish Have a Twin Sister? :

You just recently graduated from high school….any advice for teens, because they wanna know (see what we did there?) : )

School is hard sometimes. And I don’t even mean that it’s hard because of homework and tests! The whole social scene in school is just hard! It took me a long time, but I finally realized that you don’t have to be friends with everyone and not everyone has to like you. That was a big lesson for me.

I seemed to attract drama in both middle school and high school and it made going to school more emotional than it should have been. I made a video about it…I know, shocking!

What I Really Learned in High School:

What makes you laugh?

Memes and ASMR videos make me laugh. Also, my friends make me laugh. I love hanging out with my BFFs and just laughing about nothing in particular and then laughing because we’re laughing so hard!

What makes you cry?

Everything makes me cry! I’m a teenaged girl!

Things Girls Do:

Any advice for teens who want to try for a career on social media?

The best advice that was given to me was to be creative and consistent. Most people don’t just explode in success overnight. There are those lucky few who go viral. But for most, it needs to be a consistent growth.

There are lots of times that I get frustrated, because I just want everything to fall into place. But I try to keep my eye on the prize. I know that I need to stay motived, focused and engaging in order to succeed. Also, a support system is a must. Make sure you surround yourself with people who want the best for you and are willing to help you get to your goals.

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