Got Influencer money? Learn how to manage it with Teach Me Wall Street

Whether you have a part-time job at the mall, sell stuff on Etsy or Depop or are making big bucks as a TikToker—you need to learn how to manage your money. And trust us, managing your money effectively isn’t taught in school—not even college!

Not having this knowledge can cost you in a big way. Many people get into heavy credit card debt, spend foolishly and fail to grow their money through savings and investments. However, with a little bit of practical knowledge you can make money work for you starting NOW.

Whether you are interested in the stock market, crypto, or a full-blown career in finance, Teach Me Wall Street’s Virtual Finance & Business Boot Camps provide an excellent foundation in all things MONEY.

Teach Me Wall Street

Their dynamic online classes (1-4 weeks in length) give teens who want to learn about Wall Street and money a chance to connect, work on challenging hands-on projects, and gain valuable financial skills while having fun! 

Instruction is presented LIVE by seasoned professionals with Wall Street / education backgrounds. They have years of successful experience educating teens in the area of finance and trading methodology and know how to make online learning interesting, fun and interactive!

2-hour sessions run twice daily to accommodate students in different time zones and with busy schedules: M-F at 10am EST or 1pm EST. Students select the time that best fits their schedule and can alternate times when necessary. There are several one-week boot camps and multiple week packages to choose from. 

Teach Me Wall Street boot camps empower teens to make wise trading, investment and real-life money decisions!

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What you can learn

  • Wall Street 101: Explore how Wall Street works and the basics of stocks and bonds. 
  • Investing & Trading: Learn the best investment strategies to help you grow your money and how to do analysis to find these investments. (*Wall Street 101 is a prerequisite, and is presented the first week of the 2-week package) 
  • Cryptocurrency: Focus on evolving technologies, jobs and digital currencies as they relate to Wall Street and investing.
  • Budgeting & Beyond: Learn how to create and manage a budget, avoid financial pitfalls and handle real-world money matters.
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Meet the CEO / Head Instructor

Hi, I’m Annaline Dinkelmann.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve shared my knowledge and passion for finance with thousands of students in workshops, at conferences, on tours, and in my virtual classroom.

I’ve successfully translated and navigated the world of finance for students in programs offered through my top-rated Wall Street walking tour / education company WALL STREET WALKS, and since 2020, have been teaching students to be “money smart” online in my unique TEACH ME WALL STREET boot-camps.

Prior to becoming an educator and entrepreneur, I spent 10 years working in the Banking and Compliance department of Morgan Stanley and worked 2 years independently as a day trader.

My programs have been featured on CNN International and in The Daily Telegraph, Newsday and USA Today.

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The first summer boot camp session begins Monday, June 5, with other sessions following throughout the summer. Multiple sessions make it easy to fit into virtually any summer schedule. All programs can be accessed from home or any place where there is a reliable internet connection.

Prices range from $350 – $1,700 for 1-week boot-camps and multiple week packages. Book now and save with special early bird pricing!

For session dates and additional information, please visit or send an email to

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