Great Careers That Involve Helping Families

With your future stretched out ahead of you, figuring out which careers will best fulfill you is so important. For some youth, it’s the idea of creating something, while for others it’s the thought of achieving something. If for you, a fulfilling career would mean helping others, consider the following career paths that involve supporting families!

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Social Work

Social work is a pretty broad field, but its primary purpose is to lift up and support all people. You might find a social worker helping individuals cope with chronic illness or bad health conditions in hospitals, or at community health centers providing therapy. They also can be found helping students keep from dropping out of school or helping dropouts to get their education later. Though where you end up in social work can vary, child and family social workers are a common facet within social work and help families connect with the many resources around them. They can teach families how to keep a budget, maintain health, beat poverty, and apply for government aid.

Family Law

Another way you can help families in your future career is by going into law. Family law is a type of the law that deals with family relationships and related economic matters—so marriage, divorce, and the treatment of children fall under that umbrella, and can alter the course of many lives. Family law cases can be traumatic for those involved, but they allow you to help create the best outcome for children and so can be a great option for those wanting to make a difference. To take this career path, show your interest in the field during university and work at a firm that specializes in family law after completing your law degree.


This one may be surprising, but the career of a librarian is primarily about helping people—and if you are a children’s librarian in particular, most of your job will be to work with families and help all to grow closer and more literate together. Librarians often help people find the right books and get excited about reading, but they also are big proponents of events within the community and educational activities that bring families together. If you’re looking for a less stressful but still impactful career, consider a librarian.

Your future is bright and full of exciting choices. If you not only want to live a successful life, but help families to do the same, you can do both by choosing the right career. Whatever you choose, however, make sure it’s fulfilling for you!

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