Here Are 5 Best CBD Dog Treats To Try This Winter

In winters, you change your lifestyle to adapt to the weather change. Your diet also changes. Similarly, the diet of your dog should change. They might need some extra nutrition during the winter days. Well, CBD dog treats might help.

You might have heard of CBD gummies for pain, which offers delicious CBD gummies for humans. Similarly, there are several dog foods available in the market. Here we present some of the most popular canine treats to try this winter.

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With its soft chews and crunchy snacks made from pure hemp of Colorado, HolistaPet has made a good name in the market. If you have a dog, you might be aware that some of them like crunchy snacks while others want to enjoy a softer texture. HolistaPet offers both varieties.

Besides, it offers three formulas in different flavors, including every dogs’ favorite peanut butter. These three formulas are:

  • For Immune and Heart Care

Their first formula is for the wellness of your dog’s heart and immune system. Keeping the immune system strong becomes comparatively significant in winters. This formula includes all-natural ingredients, including the flavor of sweet potato and blueberry. The treat is also beneficial for pets with constant itching, digestive issues, skin problems, and weakened immune system. A limitation in this formula is the availability of crunchy treats only.

  • For Mobility and Joint Care

Winters sometimes stiff joints and muscles, making it tough to move and stay active. This formula contains Boswellia and Turmeric root to reduce swelling, strengthen joints, and offer relief from inflammation. The treat delivers crunchy chews with cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavor.

Another dog food formula includes chamomile, Hemp seed powder, 300 mg broad-spectrum CBD, and L-theanine with the flavor of peanut butter and green apple. They are, particularly, for dealing with anxiety in dogs.

Like consuming CBD gummies might benefit you, these sweet canine treats could help your dogs. Moreover, ordering from HolistaPet might offer you free shipping, a money-back guarantee within 30 days, lab testing, and almost 25% on the first order.


One of the top choices for CBD dog treats is CBDfx. They produce various flavors of dog chews with natural, unprocessed ingredients. All these treats for wellness to your dog, regardless of his size. Here are two popular dog treats from CBDfx.

  • For Anxiety and Stress

The low availability of sunlight and Vitamin D affects humans in winter. The situation might also make things sad for your pet. They might become anxious and stress-out. In such a situation, CBD dog treats might benefit dogs. The cannabinoid is known to keep anxiety and stress at bay. Moreover, this dog treat contains broad-spectrum CBD, including several mood-boosting chemicals and botanical extracts. If your dog loves the flavor of sweet potato, this treat could be an ideal choice.

  • Dog Treats for Inflammation

An injury in winter hurts more. Your canine friend might not want to move or play. It could also obstruct their sleep cycle. In these circumstances, this dog treat might help your dog. It contains a broad spectrum CBD with vitamins and antioxidants. These compounds fight with the free radicals in the body, lowering inflammation. This treat also offers a hint of sweet potato flavor.

CBDfx offers dog treats that are vegan, human-grade, and soy-free. Use them to make your wallet happy, and let the treats make your dog happy. To purchase these treats, visit the official site of CBDfx. You can find discount codes that offer up to 25% discount at any time of the year.

Petly CBD

These dog treats are known for their strict production procedure. From farming to the production of goodies, the company follows a set of guidelines at each step. Their masterpieces include a nutritious treat and a dog food topper. Here are a few more things to learn about it.

  • Hemp Dog Treats

One bag of Petly CBD dog treats contains 25 beef-flavored soft chews. They contain broad-spectrum hemp CBD. These chews are ideal for dogs of all sizes. They are grains, corn, and THC-free.

  • CBD Food Topper

For humans, CBD gummies are a convenient way to consume the drug. Similarly, an easy way to administer it in your dog’s diet in winter is through a CBD Food topper. The topper contains eggs and omega-3 fatty acids to moisturize your dog’s skin in winters. It has a bacon flavor and comes in scoops of 20 milligrams CBD. With one tub, you can take nearly 30 such scoops.

Petly ensures high-quality soft chews that are free from pesticides and preservatives. This winter, let your dog enjoy these satisfying and delicious treats.

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Anxious Pets

The founder of Anxious Pet had a dog named Boulder, a calm dog. However, Boulder used to get anxious during occasions. After receiving CBD, it reduced Boulder’s anxiety. That inspired the founder to come up with an Anxious pet. Here is a famous dog treat from Anxious pet you might try.

  • Relax and Roll Dog Treat

If your dog has anxiety issues, these chews could offer him some peaceful moments. They promote calmness and lower levels of stress. It contains an evergreen peanut butter flavor with 15 milligrams of CBD in each chew.

Besides, their Hip and Hop Chews are also well-known dog treats. They are soft chews for hip and joint health. Winters might increase pain in joints or obstruct them from moving freely. If your dog’s movement also becomes limited in winters, these peanut-flavored chews might help.

Charlotte’s Web

Known for its different chews, this CBD dog treat has garnered many praises. It offers chicken flavor treats made from USA-grown hemp. They offer three main chews for senior dogs, soothing effects and joint health. Their chews for mild effects contain the benefits of chamomile, valerian roots, and passionflower extracts. This winter, you can get these dog treats from their official site.

So, this winter, let your dog enjoy delicious and healthy treats.


The CBD market for pets has been highly unregulated. So, it is vital to purchase products like cbd shampoo for dogs from reputable stores or websites only. Besides, you can also prepare some dog treats, such as No-Bake Pumpkin and Turmeric dog Treats, Berry Bliss Ball dog Truffle Treats, Peanut Butter CBD Cookies, etc Yogurt/Sweet Potato Frozen CBD Treats, at home. Your furry friend will love all these treats in the winter.

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