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How a School Counselor Can Help You Get a Job

Have you ever wished that you could land a great job for the summer or school year that will help you to have a little extra cash on hand? It can be tricky to find the right job when you’re just looking through postings on your own. There is a great resource for you to get help right at your school: your school counselor. Here are a few ways that a school counselor can help you get a great job.

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Find Openings

First of all, your school counselor can help you to find job openings. There are lots of websites where you can find job openings to look at and apply for. Your school counselor can help you to find which websites you should be reviewing regularly. They can also show you how to put filters on your job searches if you’re looking for a specific kind of job in a particular field. Finding job openings is the first step to getting a job, so make sure to talk to your counselor about this!

Show You How to Write a Resume

Your school counselor will also be a big help in learning how to write a resume. It can be tricky to create a resume from scratch, particularly if you don’t feel like you have a lot of jobs or experiences that you could include. Many students are searching for their first official job during junior high or high school. Even if you haven’t had a job before, your resume can reflect the skills you’ve learned from your education. A well-organized resume should show your accomplishments and skills. Your counselor will help you with this resume writing process.

Help with References

Finally, your school counselor can also help you to gather references. Some job applications will require you to have references that they can contact to find out more about you. A reference is a person who has been a supervisor, boss, mentor, or teacher to you in the past. Someone looking to hire you might call your reference to ask them about your work ethic and experience. Your school counselor can help you to decide who would be a good reference to include on your job application.

So, if you have the goal of getting a job soon and aren’t sure where to get started, remember that your school counselor can help! They can help you to find openings, show you how to write a resume, and help you to decide which references to include. You’ll have a great job application when you use the help of your school counselor.

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