How Did James Charles Become so Famous?

There is serious money to be made from YouTube. Successful YouTubers and vloggers can rake in lots of fame and are rewarded with a high level of earnings. However, making a name for yourself on YouTube is not easy and there is fierce competition on the social platform. One particularly successful YouTube star is James Charles, who currently has over 22 million subscribers. Let’s look at how James Charles become so famous.

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He started posting content on Instagram

James Charles is most widely known for his sensational YouTube channel that shares beauty tips and makeup tutorial videos. However, his success actually started on another social media platform. James started posting makeup transformations and tutorials on his Instagram ‘Looks Inspire By…’ page. Over time, he built a large Instagram following and many fans asked him to share full-length tutorial videos with more detailed information. Following this recommendation, James started producing and posting full-length makeup tutorial videos and launched a YouTube channel in 2015. His channel soared in popularity and he now has around 4.6 million views per video and earns almost $80,000 for every video that he posts, according to The YouTube League by Cash Lady.

He collaborated with other makeup artists

James already had an established fan base on Instagram when he started his YouTube channel. Despite this, he took advantage of any opportunities to collaborate with other content creators and makeup artists in his industry. James joined forces with several famous makeup professionals and vloggers. These collaborations gained him over half a million subscribers according to YouTube blog Promolta. Collaborating on YouTube is one of the most effective ways for small channels to attract subscribers and increase their number of views per video.

He became the first male to appear on Covergirl

Aside from his YouTube success, James Charles is most widely recognized for becoming the first male Covergirl spokesperson at the age of just 16. Covergirl was praised for its forward-thinking approach in making beauty and makeup inclusive. James attended the glamorous Met Gala in 2019 following his partnership with Covergirl. His YouTube subscribers soared to almost 16 million after he walked down the red carpet at the exclusive event.

He has made guest appearances on TV shows

In 2016, James Charles had a guest appearance on the popular television show Ellen. He was invited to discuss his iconic appearance on the front of Covergirl and covered how he rose to fame on YouTube so quickly. This guest appearance helped James Charles achieve even more media exposure and boosted his social media following across various platforms including YouTube and Instagram.


Becoming a YouTube star is not easy and it is clear that James Charles has worked extremely hard to become the online sensation that he is today. A combination of skilled content creation, collaborations, and his iconic Covergirl appearance has helped him achieve YouTube stardom. Nowadays, James Charles has millions of fans all around the world and his social media following is expected to continue growing.

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