How to Become a Makeup Pro in 4 Simple Steps

After endless hours of shelf browsing, tutorial watching and makeup applying, you finally have it – the perfect look. Or, at least it seems that way. One Instagram session later you’re left wondering how on earth your favorite models and makeup artists get it so darn right.

Everything seems to flawlessly blend together, perfectly highlighting the best features of their wonderful faces. There’s no way you could pull that off, right? Wrong. With our simple and effective advice, you’ll reach makeup artist level in no time. All you need is some practice, a bit of inspiration and the right tools. Here’s how it’s done.

how to become a makeup pro

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

The more you experiment and try new things, as well as perfecting your current skills, the better you’ll be. Think of it like painting. The more brush strokes an artist makes, the better they will be at making those brush strokes. Eventually, they reach a point where it’s second nature and their paintings come together like magic.

Practice on yourself and offer your makeup skills to your friends for a fresh perspective. Determine where your strong points are and work on those, but also take the time to focus on where you still need to improve. You can get some amazing ideas here.

Learn from the Best

Depending on your style of choice, there’s bound to be a number of makeup artists or enthusiasts who offer their knowledge on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. After all, who better to get advice from than the very best?

Whether it’s a step-by-step video tutorial or an extensive informational article, these bombs of knowledge are packed with the expertise and know-how you need.

If you’re interested in perfecting your eyebrow skills, look online for microblading training such as that offered by Ink Defined. With this company you’ll find extensive tutorials detailing everything you need to know about both foundation and advanced microblading. The courses include both theory and practical sections to help learners of all styles.

Get the Right Tools

Makeup is one of those product categories where you really shouldn’t cheap out on low-quality tools. Granted, there are more than enough brands who offer absurdly expensive products for no reason other than the logo, but these are fairly easy to identify.

When it comes to brushes, for example, using higher quality brushes with richer pigments will give you a smoother and more consistent application, immediately improving the final result without having to up your technique.

Know Yourself

Finally, you should have a good understanding of the structure of your face, where your flaws are and what type of makeup is best at removing them while bringing out the best in you.

Whether it’s baggy eyes, a strawberry nose or a few dark spots, knowing which pieces of the color wheel work best at eliminating these flaws goes a long way.

There will be days where your lashes refuse to curl, your foundation decides to cake and your liner seems to go all wonky for no apparent reason. It’s keeping an open mind and working on these aspects of your makeup routine that will help you learn and become better in the end. We know you can do it!

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