How to Brighten Up Your Apartment

Apartments are often darker than larger properties because they have fewer windows. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sit in the dark every day!

There are plenty of ways to brighten up your home as an apartment owner. You use overhead lighting and low-level spotlights or keep the window spaces clear to allow as much natural light to flow into your home.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your apartment bright and open below.

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How to Keep Your Apartment Light and Bright

Making your apartment nice and bright can make it feel warmer, cozier, and more inviting. It enables you to enjoy your time at home as much as possible and create a space that makes you proud.

Here are some of our top tips to brighten up your apartment.

Use bright-colored furniture

Lighting isn’t the only way to create a light and airy atmosphere in your apartment. Placing brightly-colored furniture in your apartment is also a highly effective way to brighten up your living space and add character.

Whether you add a bright orange sofa to your living room or a light green headboard for your bedroom, there are endless choices on the market. Take a look online to see what furniture items would look great in your cozy apartment.

Keep your apartment clean

Dust and dirt around your windows and on your lamps can reduce the amount of light in your apartment. Use a duster or cloth to wipe away debris before it accumulates. Give your home a deep clean every six months or so to get rid of built-up dirt and keep your living space bright.

Paint the walls white

White reflects light very effectively. Painting your walls white can make your apartment appear brighter. It can also make your living space look larger and more inviting.

Admittedly, all-white walls can look a little overbearing and bland. Consider hanging up some family photos or artwork to break up long stretches of white walls in your apartment.

You can also add an accent wall to each room, where you use a darker paint color or patterned wallpaper to enhance your interior design. As long as the aortic of your walls are white, you should still enjoy the light-enhancing benefits.

Keep the window space clear

Cluttering up your window space can reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room, resulting in a dark and dingy apartment. As tempting as it is to fill your windowsill with photo frames or cute succulents, it’s best to keep this space completely clutter-free.

You should also avoid placing large furniture near the windows in your apartment, so you’re not blocking any natural light from flowing into your home. Stick with a pair of curtains or a set of extendable blinds across each of your windows that you can open and close to adjust the brightness in your apartment.

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