How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry – A Quick Guide for Brides

Your wedding day is special, it is a day when you’ll cherish every moment for a lifetime. When you choose a wedding gown, you must choose wedding jewelry along with it. It is an integral part of your bridal look. 

So many styles are available in wedding jewelry today that you’ll get confused. You need to choose the best style that complements your pretty gown making you look elegant on your D-day. 

The jewelry styles are also available in a unique body jewelry collection that includes rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

Here are some tips to choose your wedding jewelry:

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Consider the neckline 

The neckline of your gown can help you select the best necklace. If your dress is strapless, then you can choose a shorter pearl necklace or a diamond necklace.

For an ornate neckline, chandelier earrings are perfect. You can wear Tragus hoop earrings with this to complete your look. If the neckline is not too deep, then complement your style with a bracelet or cocktail ring. 

Don’t overdo any kind of style as that’ll affect your look. You need to keep it minimal so that it reflects to make you look stunning for the day. You can also pair the necklace with studs of your choice. 

Choose the right metals 

If you don’t choose the right metals, then it’ll affect the way you look. If your gown is white, you need to choose diamond or pearl jewelry. You simply can’t pair gold with a white gown. 

If your gown is pink, then gold would look fine. You need to choose the metals keeping colors in mind. With a pink gown, rose gold metal looks great. 

You must highlight your look based on the metal you choose. Also, don’t wear two or three rings or bracelets as that may look messy.

Highlight your look 

When you choose your wedding jewelry, it should highlight your look in the best possible way. It should not overshadow your dress. With the unique body jewelry collection, you must choose a style that complements you. The best highlight you could incorporate in your look is a set of jewelry that matches the sophistication of your dress – sets you can find on Ideaure Jewelry.

All the other accessories should gracefully blend with the jewelry style you choose. When you choose diamond earrings, choose a diamond necklace that will blend well. 

Similarly, a pearl necklace will look great with small pearl or gemstone studs. The way you highlight your look will make a considerable difference. 

Don’t use too many colors 

Color coordination plays an important part in the selection. If you use too many colors, then it can ruin your look. Don’t team up a gold bracelet, gemstone earrings, and diamond necklace as that’ll not make an ideal combination. You need to keep it minimal so that you look your best on the wedding day. 

To Conclude,

It’s the most special day of your life so you must be yourself. You can follow the latest trends in wedding jewelry but always go with your heart. 

Your choice should be perfect according to the color and design of your dress. Look good and smile, as it’s the best day of your life!

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