How to Convince My Parents to Buy Me a Car

So you’ve had your license for a while now and you’re ready to get your very first car. You ask yourself, “how do I convince my parents to buy me a car?” This is a tough question.

Having a car is a serious matter for both you and your parents regarding your safety and the financial status at home. Follow the steps below to see how you can convince your parents to buy you a car with ease and peace of mind.

how to convince my parents to buy me a car

Step 1. Talk about the advantages by using persuasive language

It’s about time to have a family meeting about your parents buying you a car. You want to catch them when they’re in a good mood! Explain the benefits of having a car such as taking your siblings to school, picking up groceries, not having to nag your parents or your neighbors to drive you to school or other places and more. If you have other extracurricular activities, bring that up and show them that it will save them time and effort.

Step 2. Discuss your safety

Safety is the most important thing for you and your parents. Talk about different scenarios with your parents and how it makes you feel. Tell them it’s not safe to walk home late at night, how you never know when you will come across a crazy Uber driver and how it’s unsafe crossing the busy streets or riding a bike. Give a lot of reasoning on how much safer it is to be driving in a car.

Step 3. Negotiate politely

If you want your parents to buy you a car, you have to also understand the financial status of your home. Can they afford it? If not, are you willing to contribute some upfront cash, or work to pay off the note? Ask yourself these questions because your parents want the best for you and want to make you happy — but have to be realistic. Offer to help to pay for the car if you do work, and also offer to do things for them like running errands.

Step 4. Set up rules

Rules need to be laid out on the table. Your parents will expect you to be responsible about your choices. Set up a driving curfew, don’t disobey their general house rules, budget the gas money and limit the places you will drive to. Your parents won’t buy you a car just to take your friends out or to party. You should not be the “Uber” to your friends. Limit these outings and use the car for its real intentions like school, work and errands. Always communicate with your parents when you’re taking the car and where you are.

Step 5. Do your research on cars and insurance

Purchasing a car is not cheap. Help your parents by comparing vehicle and insurance prices online. Be realistic with your vehicle choice — you don’t need a luxury car, you need a well-running car with great mileage and an affordable monthly payment. Show your parents that you’ve done your research and it’s in your best interest to make this a happy buying experience for all of you. Also check out discounts for auto insurances likes good student discounts. (Getting good grades has its perks.)

Step 6. Be grateful and follow through with your responsibilities

Thank your parents and follow through with the rules you discussed and be the responsible person you know you can be. Continue to do more around the house and really have this great connection with your parents. Somewhere down the road, you might forget about your parents buying you a car — but you should never forget that act of kindness nor the fact that they did it because they love you and want you to be happy.

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