How To Find A Skateboard Deck That’s Right For You

Choosing the right skateboard deck is the first step to becoming a great skater. Your skateboard has many features, but the most important is the deck. The right deck gives you balance whenever you skate.

Choosing the right deck size depends on your shoe size, your height and weight, your riding style, and the terrain you ride on. Other than size, you should also consider the shape and ensure you replace the deck regularly based on your usage.

Importance of Choosing the Right Deck Size

The size of the deck determines your stability, and there are many factors to consider. The length of skateboard decks doesn’t vary that much, but the width varies. More expansive decks offer more stability and surface area for contact. The large decks are suitable for taller people. If you are 5 feet, 6 inches, you should opt for a wide board that falls between 8 and 8.5 inches. Otherwise, if you are short, always choose the narrower option.

Performing tricks requires that you have a lighter deck. A more lightweight deck helps you do flips and gain air quickly. Street skating isn’t far from performing tricks and also requires a narrower board. The right match between your shoe size and the deck helps you pull off the perfect turns and tricks. Make sure your shoe size isn’t narrower or wider than the deck.

Skateboard Deck Shapes You Can Consider

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Image via Flickr by Naoki Tomeno

Skateboard decks come in four basic shapes. The type of skateboarding you practice determines the shape. 

The four shapes you can consider include:

  1. Cruiser: Cruisers have kick fails, and you use them for cruising around due to their easy maneuvering. In terms of length, they are typically midsize boards.
  2. Shortboard: This board is the best if you are into performing tricks and street skating. Among the four shapes, it is the shortest and lightest. You will find it is easy gaining flight with this board.
  3. Longboards: If you use skateboards for transportation, choose the longboard. Other than that, downhill racers often use it. It is excellent for transport since it is placed lower to the ground and has wheel cutouts. You can place larger wheels in the cutouts for rougher terrains.
  4. Old school: You can identify an old school board by its flat nose and kicktail. The skateboard deck is asymmetrical due to its wider nose. You are more likely to find old school boards in skater parks and pools.

Features to Look Out for When Choosing a Skateboard Deck

Length and width are just two features on a skateboard deck. Other features to be considered when choosing a deck include:

  • Ply.
  • Rails.
  • Effective Foot Platform (EFP).
  • Nose and tail.
  • Wheelbase.
  • Concave.
  • Mounting holes.

Types of Concave Shapes on a Board

There are three different shapes on a board. They are:

  1. Convex: The deck arches upward and is more popular with downhill skaters.
  2. Flat: Flat-shaped decks offer more room for feet and allow you to pull off flashy tricks.
  3. Asymmetrical: The skateboard has rail elevated at different angles. It offers more power to your heels for turns.

Make the right decision when choosing the right skateboard deck for you. Looking to enjoy the shift to a better skateboarding experience? Check out our extensive skateboard decks collection and place an order now.

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