How To Help Your Older Dog Adjust To Other Dogs

If your family has an older dog at home and they’ve always been the only dog in the house, they may not know how to behave around other dogs. Before you and your family consider adopting another dog, you should make sure to socialize your older pup.

It’s time to get serious about being responsible for your family pet—especially if you’re the person campaigning for a second dog. Learn how to help your older dog adjust to other dogs and get your whole family on board with socialization training. If you are looking to adopt new dog you can visit Foufou Puppies to get a new one.

How To Help Your Older Dog Adjust To Other Dogs

Keep Your Senior Dog Active With Walks

By visiting the dog park or walking on nearby trails, you’ll have the chance to encounter other dog owners doing the same with their furry friends. Encounters on trails and at parks are some of the best opportunities to socialize your senior dog. You can keep them on the leash—close to you—and let them sniff the other dog with the owner’s permission.

If it seems like it’s a good first meeting, let them play a little bit before parting ways. You may want to exchange information with the owner if everything went well—you can always meet up again at the dog park and let the pups build a friendship.

Try Boarding Your Dog

One of the more unique ways to help your older dog adjust to other dogs is to leave them at a dog boarding facility that encourages open playtime with members of the faculty and other dogs in their care. Avoid leaving your dog at a boarder that keeps their dogs in cages—learn everything there is to know about the dog boarding service to find out how often your pet will interact with other dogs and people.

The time away from their own territory may help territorial dogs socialize with others, and the supervised playtime will prevent them from facing danger as they roughhouse and run around. Every dog needs a vacation—and this vacation will help them grow into a more social animal.

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