How to Prepare for a Post-Grad Camping Trip

Can you believe it? You have trudged through those hallways for the last time, turned in the books, and you are on the final steps of a 13-year long journey. You did it! Now, it is time to party! There are lots of ways to celebrate this massive accomplishment, but one popular one is a post-grad camping trip—without the folks! If a campout is in your plans, you might want a few tips on how to pull it off without forgetting something important or running into any major difficulties.

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Secure Your Campground

Unfortunately, in most places, the days of driving up to a campground and finding an open site are over. Now, you have to book a campsite well in advance. The best time to book your site was a couple of months ago. If that didn’t happen, do it today! Luckily, there are some online tools to help you out. They can help you find vacant sites, learn about the amenities, and even book it. Just be sure to know what kind of camping you will be doing and what size of site you need. Many campsites only accommodate one or two tents, so plan accordingly.

Start Gathering What You Need

When you are camping, you can’t just run to the corner grocer to pick up last-minute items. You have to plan ahead. It is helpful to make a list and literally check it twice! Don’t forget tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, fuel, matches or a lighter, cooking supplies, food, water, and more. Your list will vary depending on your campsite’s amenities. You should also be familiar with the terrain you will be traversing to get there. If you are really roughing it, you might need an SUV. Pickup trucks are generally built to drive on any kind of road. They are also great for transporting all that gear.

Be Prepared for Anything

When you are camping, anything can happen! Be prepared for cold nights, hot days, clouds of mosquitoes, rain, and wildlife. It is important to know the area where you will be camping. Are there likely to be animals in the area? What do you do if faced with a bear? How likely is it to rain? Will you have access to clean water, or do you need some sort of water purification system? When it comes to camping, the Boy Scouts have it right: Be Prepared!

Congratulations on graduating! Now get out there and celebrate. There is no better way to celebrate your newfound independence than a campout without parents. Just be sure to be smart about it so that your trip isn’t added to the vast annals of miserable outdoor experiences!

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