How To Start a Drama Program at Your School

Drama clubs are the upper echelon of school organizations. They’re artsy, and they let you explore the diverse range of skills required to put on a live production. As a result, many students want the opportunity to be a part of something like this.

But sometimes, there are no programs at their schools. Fortunately, students can do many simple things to establish a school drama program, and we’ve listed them in this guide.

How To Start a Drama Program at Your School

Start Small and Be Resourceful

Bringing the beauty of theater to your school is a massively important mission! Who else will introduce the sweeping drama and magnificent elegance of live production to your classmates? Your enthusiasm is part of what will help you establish an astonishing drama program for your school. But it’s always best to start small.

In other words, bursting through the doors of your principal’s office and demanding the resources necessary for a full-fledged production is brave. But it isn’t the most effective way to get what you want. Instead, start asking about how you can form an extracurricular drama club.

This way, you create a space for you and your fellow theater lovers to practice your craft. Ask one of your teachers if you can use their classroom after hours to practice. Moreover, ask if they’d be willing to supervise. Then, plan some dramatic activities to get things started and enjoy being the founder of your school’s first drama club.

Reach Out to Your School Community

Once you feel confident that your after-school club is something many kids would get on board with, it’s time to think about expansion. And if you want your program to soar to great heights, you’ll need to reach out to your school community for help. This means making fliers for your club and posting them all over the school to attract more like-minded students.

It might also entail talking to your teachers and principal about getting your own rehearsal space. Also, getting parents on board and organizing fundraisers for your club are of the utmost importance. After all, you’ll need to get a budget for props, set supplies, tech, and anything else you might need to give your drama club the tools it needs to thrive.

Get Everybody Involved

Of course, starting a school drama program isn’t just about finding actors and directors. It’s also an excellent place for budding writers to showcase their talents. Future set and costume designers, makeup artists, and light and sound technicians can also find their niche in an excellent drama club. Further, you always need stage managers to pull off an amazing show.

Thus, finding students who enjoy delegating tasks or organizing your prop table can benefit your club. For these reasons, it’s imperative to let students with these interests know that there’s a place for them to hone their craft. Doing so will ensure that you have a fully developed club with the potential to reach the stars!

Organize Your First Show

After you fill your club with students who share your passion for theater and have the tools and support necessary, you can start organizing your first show. Remember that selecting the perfect play needs to be a collaborative effort, so ask everyone in your troop what sort of show they’d like to do.

Also, be mindful that this is your first production. As such, you should try to pick something simple, elegant, and doable. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to taking the live stage by storm!

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