How To Take Good Care of Your Longboards

Longboards have different styles, shapes, and sizes so you can use them in different ways. Yours may be for downhill longboarding, freestyling, or longboard dancing. Consistent maintenance and good practices are essential to ensure your longboard will have a long life and keep you safe.

Learning how to take good care of your longboards includes committing to daily cleaning, which may not be fun but is necessary. To keep your longboarding sessions productive, you must keep your board in good shape, which means paying attention to every physical detail of your board.

How To Take Good Care of Your Longboards

Store Them Properly

After using a longboard, store it in a safe, dry place away from direct exposure to the sun and weather conditions. If stored improperly, it could lose strength over time. Keeping your longboard upright against the wall will keep the board out of the way, and the wheels will stay in better condition. You can keep it in your room or, ideally, in the garage.

Don’t Get Them Wet

Getting a longboard wet could cause the wood to rot or break, making riding it dangerous. If your board gets wet, dry it with a towel and leave it to air dry for a few hours. Avoid using a hair dryer because this will loosen your grip tape. Don’t put it near a radiator or a heater because it will cause the wood to weaken and sometimes loosen the trucks.

Protect Their Noses and Tails

There are different ways to protect the nose and tail of your longboard; this will prevent scratches and wear that could affect your performance. To protect these parts, you need to know the size and model of your boards and get the right size guards, which you can find on Amazon. These will extend your boards’ lives, protect you, and reduce accidents.

Replace the Grip Tape

The grip tape on your board is tape on the top that allows you to get a better grip on the board for tricks and flips. After some time, the tape will get old, dirty, and slippery, so you will need to replace it to keep your longboard performance high. Taking good care of your longboard includes ensuring that every element that touches your feet or the ground works perfectly.

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