How to Write a Book Review for College Tasks

Book reviews are a lot different than other forms of academic writing. You can’t sit down and start writing a review. To form a balanced opinion, you must read the entire book before passing any comment on it. Here are some tips to help you write an engaging book review!

Choose a Book

Sometimes the professor mentions a book you have to write a review. However, the professor sometimes asks you to select a book of your choice. In such a scenario, you must choose a book that you find interesting.

If you are a business administration student, select a book regarding your field. Go to your university’s library and explore books related to your field. If entrepreneurship is a fascinating subject for you, then search through relevant keywords on the subject. You will find numerous books available. Shortlist a few of them. Choose a book that has not been reviewed yet. It gives you an edge, and you can submit original work. 

There are different book review formats, but you should select the one that fits the requirement. Here are a few guidelines to choose a particular book:

  • Is the book related to your field of interest?
  • Do you have enough background knowledge on the subject?
  • Has the book been published recently?
  • Is the book published by a renowned publisher?

Inform the Reader what the Book is About

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Before you begin sharing what the book is about, you will have to first read the book with complete focus and concentration. It would require a lot of your time. If you have a tight deadline to meet, you should hire an academic writing service to do the job for you.

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If you are wondering how to start an essay about a book, begin with a couple of sentences that inform the reader what the book is about. You can also create a hook to pique the reader’s interest and allow them to read your review further. Share essential details and information regarding the book. Pen down the title and author’s name and year of publication. Please write down the book’s purpose and the main idea behind it. Remember to mention if the book is a part of the series and whether you should grab hold of other books in the series before reading this one.

Discuss Your Favorite Part

Focus on the part you like the most in the book. The narration, characters, and plot of the story play a vital role in making a book amazing. Describe the way the tale is told. For instance, if it is a thriller, you might like the part when the real action takes place. Mention the reason why you want that part of the book. You can also answer the following questions:

  • Which is your favorite character and why? What makes the character so unique?
  • Is the story gripping and intriguing?
  • How does the book make you feel?
  • Does the book keep you glued till the end?
  • How do you find the vocabulary and use of language in the book?

Discuss everything you like about the book. Give a high-level synopsis of the plot, describing details and nuances. Avoid giving away spoilers. Don’t narrate the ending. A good book review example is to analyze the entire story but not disclose what will happen in the end. Share your thoughts and views instead of saying that the book is good or bad. Explain why you think the book is fantastic and what made you keep reading.

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Give Critical Analysis of the Book

In this section, you must critically analyze the book. A book review is incomplete unless you mention negative aspects of the book. No book is perfect. There are flaws in every book as a human writes it. 

Share details about the parts in the book which you found disappointing. It could be the way the story picks up pace. You can discuss how the characters exhibit emotions and feelings. The vocabulary used in the book can be another aspect to consider. A critical book review example is to give out information in the book that you find boring.

After analyzing both the positive and negative aspects of the book, give your recommendation and rating. The recommendation should be based on what you think is right. Your personal opinion counts the most in a review. Give it a star rating, and it will help the reader know what you think of the book. If you are searching for a book review on how to write, you must discuss similar books you have read in the past. It will impress your professor and leave a good impression on him. The professor will know you have deeply analyzed the book and draw similarities with other books.

General Tips on Writing a Book Review

Writing a review requires a special set of analytical skills. You must provide a good analysis and narrate anything you dislike in the book. It is a lot different from other review articles. Watching a movie is less time-consuming than reading a book. Reading a book with a critical eye requires both time and effort. If you wonder how to write an essay about a book,  these tips will help you.

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  • Keep your focus. Pay your attention to the word count and length of sentences.
  • Evaluate and present relevant points instead of just summarizing the book’s content;
  • Be aware of unnecessary criticism. Remember, the author is also a human being who has poured his heart into the book. Be reasonable and don’t be harsh in criticism;
  • Express your honest opinion but be balanced. Tell both sides of the story;
  • Avoid giving away the story. Don’t spoil the fun for others;
  • A good review doesn’t use a lot of quotes;
  • You can mention a few witty lines or any dialogue you particularly find fascinating;
  • Give the verdict in the end by providing balanced views.

These are some of the tips on how to write a book review. It should be well-balanced, conveying both negative and positive aspects of the book. Avoid giving spoilers and double-check your assignment before submitting it to your professor. Check out spelling mistakes and typo errors.

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