Interview with Scarlet Grace and Summer-Rose

Scarlet Grace and Summer-Rose (Churchhouse) are two talented sisters from the UK who are each making their separate marks in the entertainment world. Scarlet Grace most notably appeared in Holmes and Watson and has a new show called TRUTH SEEKERS due to be released in the next few months starting alongside Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with Amazon Studios.

Her little sister Summer-Rose has just been cast as the voice of “Lucy” in The Call Of Mektoub a Christmas Story release date December 2020 and also has her first singing album due for release on all major download platforms in the next couple of weeks.

Scroll down for our Q&A with these talented siblings!

scarlet and summer

Hello Scarlet and Summer-Rose! Before we get to your new projects, tell us a little about yourselves outside of show biz.

Scarlet – Hi Guys! Thanks so much for this interview! I’ve been really looking forward to it. Outside of showbiz I’m currently studying my A Levels which is quite consuming. However when I’m not studying or auditioning for new projects, I’m learning how to drive in my own car! The main thing I enjoy doing most of all outside of shobiz is hanging out with my friends.

Summer-Rose – I love seeing my friends when I’m not gym training, dancing or working on projects. I love walking our dog Bella who’s a Boxer! I also love making funny tik tok videos with my sister and brother and riding my bike and making slime! Ha ha

Great! Now please dish on the new projects you have coming up!

Scarlet – I’m currently in the process of writing the screenplay for my second short film, having enjoyed writing and having moderate success with my first ever short film which was screened at ‘That Film Festival’ in Cannes. It also won an award in L.A this year for best short film. I’m also very excited as I also have due to be released in the next couple of months a new TV show called Truth Seekers , Amazon Studios which is being released Worldwide. Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost!

Summer-Rose – Recently I got the really exciting news that I was cast as the Lead Voice ‘Lucy” in “The Call Of Mektoub” A Christmas Story. Due for release Dec 2020.

Scarlet, what was the most memorable part about working on Truth Seekers?

Scarlet – The most memorable part about working on ‘Truth Seekers’ was working with the amazing actors Simon Pegg & Nick Frost! They were really hilarious to work with and I loved filming my scenes with Nick. The script is fantastic, huge credit to the writers Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz. This is the second time I’ve worked with them and they really do know how to create great comedy!

And the biggest challenge?

Scarlet – The role I played wasn’t overly challenging however the strangest thing I had to do on set was react to imaginary characters which would be cleverly edited in through CGI at a later date. This is something I hadn’t experienced before! I found it really interesting and fun!

scarlet bw

Why do you think people are going to want to watch it?

Scarlet – I think people are going to watch Truth Seekers partly because of the great comedic storyline which I’m really looking forward to everyone seeing and secondly because of the great reputation and following the cast have.

Any funny moments or bloopers on set?

Scarlet – There were no real boopers but while the cast and I were waiting for the cameras to roll on set before each take there was usually lots of banter which had everyone laughing.

Summer-Rose, tell us about your new album and where people will be able to buy/listen to it?

Summer-Rose – I love to sing and have a mini albulm due for release in the next few weeks on all major download platforms. So keep an eye out for it! You can buy and listen to it on Amazon Music, Spotify and Itunes Worlwide!!!

What was the best part about recording it and the hardest?

Summer-Rose – I absolutely love singing and doing voice over work so the best part of recording it is that its so much fun, doing what I love and listening to the final edit. I get so excited. To be honest I don’t find it hard but sometimes it takes a long time to get all the vocals down, especially when I have school work and other training to do.

As sisters, what do you most bicker about?

Scarlet – There’s a 10 year age gap between Summer and I! So I’m sure you can imagine there’s a lot of bickering hahaha. Mainly silly things like what we have on TV and who sits where…..

Summer- Rose – erm haha Scarlet likes to video me when I’m not looking then Snap Chat it to all her friends which is really annoying. We do get on most of the time!

And what do you like most about each other?

Scarlet – Well she can be really cute and cheeky which makes me laugh a lot! Looking back on video footage of me at her age makes me realise how similar we are.

Summer-Rose – I like it when Scarlet does my hair and is my stylist for the day. She’s also very funny too! Most of the time……..

summer churchhouse

Who inspires you and why?

Scarlet – I really like Chloe Grace Moretz as an Actress, and love the work she’s done so far because she’s proved how versatile she is an Actor through her work, and that’s something I aspire to do as I’d love to take on a variety of different roles.

Summer- Rose – Actually Scarlet does. Since I can remember I’ve watched her in West End shows and tagged along to watch film screenings with her. I would like to continue to follow in her footsteps.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you?

Scarlet – Something I think people would be surprised to know about me is that I worked at Winter Wonderland this year selling pizzas! For those that don’t know, Winter Wonderland is a huge Christmas theme park based in London, Hyde Park for the Christmas period.

Summer-Rose – I’m actually quite shy when I first meet people.

Biggest pet peeve?

Scarlet – Arrogance is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves! I think modesty is key in life.

Summer-Rose – When my siblings gang up on me!

Most embarrassing moment?

Scarlet – I’d say my most embarrassing moment was a couple of years ago when I was waiting in the school car park to be picked up from school. I saw a car that looked exactly like my dad’s and a man in the car who looked exactly like him so I went up to the car (without properly looking at who was inside), opened the door and got in!! I even put my seat belt on… how embarrassing hahah. I immediately realised when I turned and saw that it must’ve been someone’s dad so I quickly jumped out the car and hid in embarrassment!

Summer-Rose – Can’t really think of anything.

Tell me something you absolutely REFUSE to eat and why?

Scarlet – I refuse to eat literally any type of shellfish because I can’t stand the smell haha. Maybe my taste buds will change when I get older though!

Summer-Rose – Mushrooms! The look and and taste is gross!

What is your overall showbiz or career goal, and do you plan to go to college (and what will you study if “yes”)?

Scarlet – I’m already at college finishing my A Levels, studying Acting and Film as I love directing and making my own films too. I’m currently considering either studying for one more year and getting my Foundation or using the contacts that I’ve been lucky enough to meet through filming to hopefully work on set at a studio in either the UK or US, whilst still acting and auditioning.

Summer-Rose – I’m still very young but would like to keep training and would love to go to the same Theatre School as Scarlet, The Arts Educational School, and continue to work professionally.

What else are you working on or have coming up next?

Scarlet – Well I’ve got Truth Seekers due out in the next few months which I’m really excited about! I also have a really exciting project which unfortunately has been put on hold for the time being due to COVID-19, but hopefully it will get the green light again once rules are relaxed.

Summer-Rose – Well I’m still recording for ‘The Call Of Mektoub’ as we are only halfway through so that’s what I will be working on for now. Fingers crossed for something afterwards.

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