Items Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe for High School

Entering the intimidating and exciting world of high school can be enough to stress any student out: what do I do, where do I go, and (of course) what do I wear to feel confident and in control of myself and my surroundings? Girls especially feel the pressures of looking as put together as they want to be! If you are (or know) a new (or returning) high school girl who wants to be prepared to look and feel her best, here are a few tips for items you should have in your wardrobe.

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Jeans are a staple for any closet! Dress them up or dress them down, these pants are an easy option that will accentuate the right angles and make you feel confident and comfortable. This popular material is easy to pair with any t-shirt or blouse, of any color or pattern, for any occasion! Basically jeans are the best foundation for a quick go-to outfit! Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous than the average jean look, there are hundreds of altered jean looks that will mix up your outfit! Shredded, cut, patchworked, embroidered, cuffed, high waisted, straight leg, and bedazzled, any variation of these classic pants are sure to make you stand out while fitting in!


Cardigans are as useful as they are adorable! Adding a light or heavier cardigan to your outfit can give you that much appreciated extra layer when you most need it on cooler days (or days when the air conditioning feels particularly strong). “Cardi’s” are also a great way to add some accent color or texture to an otherwise simple outfit! Throw one on or keep one in your bag and have it on hand for emergencies of all kinds… you’ll be glad you have them!


Dresses are becoming more and more popular for their versatility in style and occasion! Length, fit, flare and color all create an endless list of options for dresses that will serve any and every purpose. There is a common misconception that dresses are only for special occasions or “fancy” events—however, dresses can be created and styled to go with the most casual of occasions as well. In fact, studies have shown that wearing a dress can actually boost confidence in girls of all ages! For those days where you feel like making a statement with your look by changing out your regular pants for a fun dress, make sure you have a few options to choose from in your wardrobe.


Skirts function similarly to dresses, but with the added benefit of being even more versatile with the ways you can mix and match tops. For every one skirt, you can create an outfit pair with hundreds of shirts, making a completely new look every time. Skirts also come in a variety of materials that act like pants in the ways and options you can pair it with. For example, you can look both casual and stylish in a denim skirt. Long, flowy maxi skirts are a comfy option, and pencil skirts can be paired with even regular t-shirts for a more business-casual look.

Blouses and Shirts

Blouses and shirts are an obvious need for every closet! Your tops are often the best means of self-expression, complementary styles, and quick changes for endless outfits. It can be tempting to stick with one style that you are comfortable with or that you think looks best on you. However, “sticking” with the same kinds of blouses and shirts can get old quickly, and may deprive you of exploring your style! Try out new things, see what makes you feel cute or casual or fun or all of the above. Give yourself options to experiment with. No one has just one side of their personality—express all the sides of your personality through the things you wear. Matching your clothes to your mood can mentally encourage your confidence and make you feel more sure of yourself, and more productive!


Another staple element of any wardrobe are sweatpants! Sometimes you need to wear something that will just keep you comfortable, warm, casual, and low key. Sweatpants are a perfect option for those days you just want to give off a low maintenance vibe, or the stressful days where keeping up appearances is not on your list of priorities. Sweatpants and sweatshirt pairings are also a rising trend in today’s younger generation’s fashion—matching sweatsuits are still stylish while taking away the “work” of styling an outfit for yourself.


Tied closely with sweatpants in terms of comfort and function are athletic clothes. Especially for any athletes and extra-active individuals who are always on the go, athletic wear gives off the appearance and feel of productivity and energy. If your high school requires any kind of gym credit, the right clothing will feel like the right tools for a successful, more enjoyable time in “physical education”. However, these clothing pieces are not limited to the gym or any field, court or track… the materials of these articles of clothing are made to help the wearer feel secure, confident, flexible and comfortable. Try out a sportier side or mentally encourage healthy-living through these popular athletic clothes, any time!


Finally, no outfit is complete without some accessories. Like all the other major pieces of your outfit, (if not more so) your accessories are your best opportunity for expressing yourself and what you love. From your jewelry to your belts, scarves, jackets, hats and more, the amount of options you have for additional accent pieces or color-combinations is literally endless. Another important accessory that will tie together your outfit’s feel and look is your footwear: choose choices that are versatile for all your outfits but that also make you feel comfortable.

Literally from head to foot, make sure that you have all the pieces of a prepped wardrobe to keep you ready for any situation and circumstance while providing the confidence you want and need to succeed in high school!

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