JANE releases beautiful video for ‘Tell You’

Singer/Songwriter and professional dancer JANE has just dropped her music video for her most recent release “Tell You.” The song is a “self-love” song about rebounding from fragility and brokenness…a reminder that we always have an opportunity to pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together. 

The video is produced by CHLOE FRANCKE and directed by EVAN CONNER.  They capture the theme of TELL YOU, portraying JANE in a mirrored reflection – in darkly lit isolation – reassuring herself that she’s not alone. It takes place in what appears to be an abandoned urban ballet studio, where JANE twirls around in isolation, dancing to an orchestral arrangement of strings produced by ERIC ZAYNE.

The result is a beautiful combination of striking visuals and Jane’s hauntingly sweet voice, coupled with her skill as a dancer. It’s a gorgeous song and video, and you can watch by scrolling down this page.

But first, here’s 5 fast facts about JANE!

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She is very spiritual.

JANE sets herself apart from her peers through her messages of hope and positivity, inspired by background in humanitarian work, her faith in God, and her spirituality. Her family and how well she treats people are very important to her.

JANE enjoys her alone time.

Being alone makes her feel independent.

She doesn’t skimp on fitness.

She does Pilates every day.

Her nickname might remind you of a beloved Dora the Explorer character.


Please don’t show off your pet tarantula to her.

JANE is freakishly afraid of ALL BUGS!

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