Kacey Fifield wants you to read ‘Between the Lines’ with new album!

Kacey Fifield has dropped her debut full-length album today, called “Between The Lines.” With these 12 tracks, Kacey seeks to solidify herself as an ambassador and role model for young artists who want to break down walls within the electronic pop genre while maintaining creative control over their music.

“Between The Lines” includes three recently released singles, the deep house rave-up “Toxic” (with Indian producer Nippandab), the celebratory and anthemic “Like Us” (with Albanian producer Marin Hoxha), and the escapist, dreamy “Palms” (with South Korean producer Little Rain). The video for “Toxic” has already surpassed 30K views, and these songs have collective streams over 300K.

Kacey Fifield is an award-winning 17-year-old singer/ songwriter from Los Angeles who has been releasing original music since she was 10! This includes “Hear Me Out”, a song about youth empowerment and kindness, whose video was selected and awarded by multiple festivals, including indie festival “Dances with Films” in Hollywood. Previous releases include “Bring Me Down”, “Confidential”, “Ghost” (with South Korean producer Little Rain) “Camouflage”, “Confused”, and “Last Breath”, a duet with “American Idol” finalist and frequent collaborator Robbie Rosen.

Kacey participates regularly in humanitarian issues. Recently, Kacey took part in Students of the Year, a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, hoping to make a difference in finding a cure for cancer. She is a part of the Youth Leadership Council for Farm Sanctuary and leads a Children’s Hospital Aid Club affiliated with St Jude’s Hospital. She plays piano and guitar, but ultimately singing is her greatest passion. 

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Hello Kacey, so excited to talk to you again, especially with your new project coming up! First, tell us about the meaning behind your album’s title: “Between the Lines”

As the name suggests, the album takes a deep look at all of the underlying emotions and thoughts found “between the lines.” It focuses on all things unwritten, subliminal, and secret. The songs are all about complicated relationships with people, whether that be a satirical critique of the nature of fame, a self-reflection, or a heartfelt message to a lost friend. I worked with 7 incredible music producers to create these 12 tracks and I’m so excited for everyone to hear!

Tell us the themes you touch on with your songs on this release?

I touch on a whole bunch of themes including fame, toxic relationships, friendship, ghosting, nostalgia, and self reflection! The album is a pretty holistic collection of my thoughts and feelings from the past year 🙂

What’s the most personally meaningful song on the album to you, and why?

I’m so incredibly proud of every song on the album! But, the very last song that I wrote for the album was Doppelgänger and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. I got the idea while doing my skincare routine and as soon as I thought of it, I knew that it had to be on the album and I knew that it was the last one that I wanted to add.

With so many artists dropping quick 2-3 song EPs, what made you decide to dedicate yourself to releasing a full 12-song album?

I’ve released over a dozen singles already and have gained a great base of supporters from this, but I it was really time for me as an artist to create a larger body of work! I wanted to tell more of a story than what would be possible in a smaller EP.

What do you want people to feel while they listen to it?

My main aim is for people to feel understood. I really want listeners to be able to relate to my music and be able to hopefully understand me and connect with me better than ever before!

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What was the biggest challenge in getting this album made?

There were definitely many different roadblocks. At times, I struggled to finish writing songs or be able to complete recording sessions with the performance that I wanted to give. But, none of these challenges lasted long and I was able to regain inspiration quickly!

Apart from your own album, what’s your favorite full album to listen to beginning to end?

This is so tough!! Honestly, any album by Conan Gray, Billie Eilish, or The Weeknd! But, if I had to pick one, it’d be Conan Gray’s latest album “Superache.” I so admire the specificity and honesty of his lyrics and the album is such a great listen!

In addition to singing, you also have a strong social media following. What is your favorite part about being an influencer?

I honestly consider my social media platform as a way for me to better connect with my listeners and give people who support me a closer look into my life. That’s gotta be my favorite part!

And your least favorite?

There’s a ton of toxicity on social media. That’s definitely the worst part but as long as I’m careful about how much time I spend online and who I interact with, I’m good!

What has been your favorite moment in show biz so far?

It’s such a highlight every time I hear from a listener that my music has helped them in any way or that they’ve related to a song I’ve written. These moments are always my favorites!

Who are your inspirations, artistically?

My very first musical influences were the soundtracks for the TV shows that I grew up watching, Victorious and Big Time Rush. Nowadays, I’m super inspired by my favorite artists: Tate McRae, Billie Eilish, Gracie Abrams, Harry Styles, and Conan Gray!

If there was ONE thing you could change about the entertainment industry, what would it be?

I would love to make it less cutthroat and more collaborative! There’s so much space in the industry for everyone to shine.

If you could have one super power in real life, what would it be and why?

I’ve actually thought about this a lot and I would love the ability to freeze time! 24 hours in a day often doesn’t feel like enough time to get everything done and it would be so nice to be able to sleep while time is frozen or take extra time to get work done. It could also save my life in a dangerous situation and allow me to travel the world without missing much of my normal routine.

If we asked your friends what your best quality is, what would they say?

I think a lot of my friends appreciate my sense of humor and thoughtfulness!

Favorite snack?

Lemon almonds!

Best way you deal with pressure or anxiety?

I always destress by surrounding myself with people I love and taking breaks from work to do things I enjoy! Sometimes this means going to an amusement park with friends but other times, it means going for a run or watching TV. Taking time to be unproductive prevents burnout!

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Secret fear?

I’m TERRIFIED of needles! Getting blood drawn is the worst thing ever in my book :,(

Favorite holiday (and why)?

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday! December is such a beautiful time of year with all of the holiday decorations everywhere. I also love the rush of gift shopping and the excitement of watching loved ones open gifts I got them. It’s an amazing holiday!

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.

This isn’t the most surprising since I’ve talked about it on my social media a bunch, but a lot of people are still shocked to find out that I’m vegan! I’m a huge proponent of sustainability so I work with a bunch of different organizations to advocate against factory farming.

Tell me ONE food you REFUSE to eat and why?

Asparagus! For a reason unbeknownst to me, I can’t stand the taste and texture.

What else are you working on or have coming up next?

I’m a high school senior so I’m super busy working on college applications, but I’ve also been writing new music! Between the Lines is just the start!

Could we get a quick selfie of whatever you are doing right now?

Of course! (Karaokeee)

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STREAM “Between The Lines”:  https://ffm.to/btlalbum

Track listing:

  1. Between The Lines
  2. Like Us (with Marin Hoxha)
  3. Can’t Forget Interlude
  4. Doppelgänger
  5. Toxic (with Nippandab)
  6. Karma Calls
  7. Double Agent
  8. Palms (with Little Rain)
  9. Parasocial Interlude
  10. Five Seconds of Fame
  11. Say It
  12. Younger Self




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