Kolten Kirschke drops latest single ‘Rewind’

Kolten Kirschke is back with a new release, this time with a track called Rewind! The 17-year-old from Dallas, Texas worked with UK Producer Zak Lloyd to deliver a catchy and highly relatable track which forms part of an upcoming EP.

Kolten travels between his hometown and Los Angeles to work hard on his original music, acting, and sharing his music videos across the world. He has appeared in several television shows and films like Nick Cannon’s Nickelodeon show Drop That Seat and Hulu’s Future Man with Seth Rogen and Josh Hutcherson.

Scroll to find out more about Rewind and upcoming releases in our quick interview, and take our QUIZ to see how well you know Kolten–a name to watch in the entertainment industry!

Tell us about your latest single REWIND and the meaning behind the lyrics!

“Rewind” has a story similar to the other songs on my current EP Going Under. Teens working on their relationships can hopefully relate to this song and others. It’s great when you see progress in a relationship with someone you care about but sometimes setbacks can make you feel like your back at square one kinda like a rewind.

As of right now, are you more focused on music or acting, and do you feel that will change in the future?

Over the years I have learned to balance them so I see them as separate entities unless an acting audition calls for singing — it’s a plus. Acting consumes a lot of time so when I’m not working on a project I focus on my music and the balance keeps me busy and moving forward in both areas. Entertaining and the stage is everything — I love them both!

How do you feel your sound is growing/changing with each release?

So many things change with each release but I would say the changes you can definitely notice is my actual voice with each release. As a male teen you can definitely hear the voice change though the releases. To listen to my voice in the beginning till now I’m proud I have worked through it and trained hard. It’s really something to look back and see the growth in that area.

What other artist’s songs are you really feeling these days and why?

Joji because I love his vibe and aesthetic it’s super unique and it draws you in.

What can we expect from you next musically?

My EP “Going Under” has two more songs to release so definitely looking forward to those releases soon!









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