Laws of the Universe Part 0 Premiere with Tom Kenny, Kari Wahlgren, Lex Lang, Christina Vee

Teens Wanna Know hit a Hollywood red carpet premiere once again, this time to watch and talk with the cast and producer of Laws of the Universe Part 0, a new anime which opens October 2nd in the US (selected theaters).

Interviews: Tom Kenny, Lex Lang, Christina Vee, Koji Matsumoto, Kari Wahlgren, Steven Skyler, Patrick Faucette, Frankee Razor, Kiana Lyz Rivera, Dustynn Cerney, Jennifer Joliff, Giselle Gilbert, JP Dayton, Trinity Marquez, Angelica Salek, Serena Laurel,

And a big welcome to our reporter for this episode, teen Gianella Ghiglino!

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