Little Health Signs to Pay Attention To

During your teenage years, you have a lot on your mind already and it can be easy to dismiss changes in your health. However, small signs can have a big impact on your health now and in the future. It’s important to look out for these signs and address them.

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Hard Time Sleeping

Sleep is an important part of development. It allows your body to rest and recover and it improves your brain function and overall health. You may already find it difficult to get enough sleep due to time constraints placed on you. However, if you are struggling to fall asleep in the first place, this can indicate other problems. For example, trouble sleeping can indicate high stress or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Insomnia also can interfere with your sleep. Addressing these issues is important. In the meantime, there is plenty you can do to improve your sleep. Avoid anything stimulating like caffeine or even the light from your phone before bed. Create a cool, dark, and quiet environment to help you sleep better.

Bad Breath

Everyone has bad breath now and then, but if it’s a common problem then there might be deeper issues. Some causes of bad breath can include bacteria or even an infection in the mouth or throat. If you have braces or a retainer, bad breath is also likely since you can’t always clean your teeth all the way. Constant bad breath could be a sign of bad dental health as well. If you don’t care for your mouth properly, bacteria and plaque can build up in your mouth. In some cases, you might even have tooth decay which contributes to bad breath.


With all the pressures teenagers face, headaches can seem common. However, they are a way for your body to indicate that something is wrong. Headaches can be caused by stress, lack of sleep, improper nutrition, and even illness. If you get frequent headaches, it may indicate that other problems are occurring. It’s also possible to get constant migraines. These are much more painful and long-lasting and may require treatment or help from a doctor.

Adolescence is a formative time and your health is extremely important. You need to pay attention to little signs to make sure everything is right with your body. The sooner you recognize these little health signs, the sooner you can begin addressing them.

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