Meg V. Jones and #NotAStatistic

What do you do when life gives you a few hard knocks? You pick yourself up and keep going, while encouraging others to follow their dreams right along with you.

At least that is what Meg V. Jones is attempting to do with her #notAStatistic campaign. According to Meg’s bio on her website, she has overcome quite a bit in her life but won’t let herself be defined or limited by those bad things. We were curious as to what the #NotAStatistic campaign is all about, so we sent her over a few quick questions, and got a few quick answers. Here they are:

Hi Megan, nice to e-meet you! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hey guys, awesome to meet you too! I’m just me, I like to think I’m funny (even if I’m the only one) and I’ve made it my mission to change the world. It’s Meg by the way 😉 [Oops! We should have gotten that right, being as her Twitter handle is @ItsMegnotMegan!]

Tell us about your #NotAStatistic campaign, like how it got started and what are your aims?

#NotAStatistic is a movement to encourage youth and young adults to get out there and chase their dreams no matter what anyone else says about them or thinks, or where they came from. That doesn’t affect where you’re going. It started when I was going through a rough patch in my life. I’ve had a lot of those, and I realized I wasn’t the only one going through that. However, I was one of the lucky few to get away from my rough past.

I want to encourage others to get away from theirs; to chase their dreams and help make this world a happier place.

What makes this different from all the other causes out there?

There are MANY amazingly awesome causes out there, but I feel as if a lot of them don’t always show how they can be relatable. People feel like it’s just words or people who’ve never been through the same things. I want to show them that they are not alone – that others have gone through the same things and that others are chasing their dreams.

What concrete things and targets are you looking to achieve for 2015 with #NotAStatistic?

There is so much potential out there. In 2015 I want to find people throughout the country and world who are too scared to chase their dreams or maybe need a little push, and help them find a way to do it. Whether it be applying to school, moving across the country, or getting out of a bad situation.

What is the biggest personal obstacle you have had to overcome, and what helped you do it?

I grew up in an abusive household full of drugs and violence, followed by being homeless; being told I’d never be anything or able to accomplish anything with my life. Later in life all my dreams were unrealistic or ridiculous, and no one believed in me still.

Eventually I realized I didn’t have to have anyone else believe in me…I just needed to believe in myself, and that’s what I’m doing.

You keep talking about this Fling app thing on your social media. Wassup with that? What is it?

Fling is amazing! Think Snapchat, but it sends your snap out to 50 random people throughout the world! You get random flings from others as well. It’s an awesome way to connect with people in so many different countries and for people like me who love being social, it’s ideal. You get to send your funny messages or questions everywhere!

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.

Well, I just got on a plane with my good friend Nick and only $400 to our name, and flew all the way over to Los Angeles to start making all of our dreams come true. (Videos coming soon to document!)

What’s next for you?

Surviving out here in LA. Trying to be funny. Hopefully changing the world.

Anything else we should know?

I’m releasing a series on YouTube soon documenting Nick and I moving to LA with hardly any money and surging on our own, I think you guys would enjoy!

Selfie time!

meg v jones

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