Mistakes New Owners Make When Walking Their Dog

Mistakes New Owners Make When Walking Their Dog

There’s nothing better than getting a new puppy, but the excitement can quickly wear off if your dog’s unpredictability gets the best of you. Although you might dread the first few walks with your dog, regular exercise has many benefits. When you avoid the mistakes new owners make when walking their dog, you and your pup will have a positive and enjoyable experience.

Leaving Waste Behind

Although you should always pick up your trash, it’s imperative to pick up your dog’s waste during a walk. It might be easy to turn a blind eye as your dog squats, but you should know that dog waste can be toxic to people and other dogs. The bacteria, parasites, and viruses can harm other animals and people.

Not Using a Leash

Putting your pup on a leash is always the most responsible decision when walking in public areas. Even if you’re confident that your dog will stay close to you, something or someone may cause a distraction or give them the urge to run off. Not using a leash can result in your pup getting overly excited and jumping on other people or running away. When you leave the house, grab their leash and a few other essentials you need to walk your dog.

Not Considering the Pavement Temperature

While summer days may seem like the perfect opportunity for walks with your dog, you should keep in mind that the pavement is often much warmer than the air, especially asphalt. Although you won’t feel the heat through your shoes, your pup’s paws may suffer. Before heading out for a walk, check the pavement to ensure it’s not too hot for your dog.

Pro Tip

You can buy shoes for your dog to help their paws stay cool, but many dogs don’t like having anything on their feet.

Forgetting the Water Bottle

Dogs can overheat quickly on hot days, so avoiding walking outside in extreme heat is essential. However, you should always bring water for you and your dog to prevent dehydration and overheating if you plan to go on long walks, regardless of the temperature.

Now that you know the common mistakes new owners make when walking their dogs, you can do your best to avoid them. Exercise can be incredibly beneficial for you and your dog, so enjoy taking your four-legged friend out for a walk!

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