Must-Haves for a Trendy Spring 2022 Wardrobe

The changing seasons mean new fashion trends. It’s time to shelve away bulky winter clothes and bring out the fun spring colors and styles. If you’re interested in stocking your closet for the upcoming fashion season, make sure to stock up on these must-haves for a trendy spring 2022 wardrobe, whether you buy at a retailer or a wholesale boutique clothing store.

Must-Haves for a Trendy Spring 2022 Wardrobe

Lots of Layers

Spring weather can fluctuate from day to day, depending on the location. Some days are warmer than others, and the temperature changes might catch you off guard. For this reason, stock your wardrobe with lots of layering clothes, such as t-shirts and tank tops. Layering tees offer a great foundation for many spring outfits. All you have to do for a complete look is add a stylish pair of pants, some accessories, and a jacket if the weather calls for it.

Rain Jacket/Trench Coat

The start of spring also means the beginning of the rainy season for many places. Plan your wardrobe around cloudy days so that you’re ready for any kind of weather. Long jackets and coats have become very popular in both men’s and women’s fashion. Look for a long raincoat to keep you warm and stylish this spring.

Cropped Styles

Cropped clothing has surged in popularity these last few years in the fashion world, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Spring is the perfect time to bust out your favorite cropped shirts and pants as the weather gets warmer. Don’t forget to grab a jacket if you’re planning to be out all day. Temperatures may plummet when the sun goes down, and cropped clothing won’t add much in terms of warmth.


For a late-spring look, break out the gingham patterns. These light and airy patterns will remind you of going to a picnic on a warm, spring day. This pattern is also surging in popularity, especially in women’s shorts, dresses, and tops. Gingham is also an immensely popular pattern in the current vintage clothing trend. Visit your local thrift store for more fun patterns like these and other clothing trends you might be looking for. It’s easy to find a local thrift store that has what you’re looking for.

Spring is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe and make new additions. And if you’re all about following the latest trends, make sure to stock up on these must-haves for a trendy spring 2022 wardrobe.

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