New to Cooking? 3 Types of Foods to Try That Are Friendly for Beginner Cooks

Cooking is an art, a skill, but certainly not a science. The greatest thing about cooking is that anyone can learn how to do it and learn how to do it pretty darn well. But if you are new to cooking, it can be intimidating to get yourself in the kitchen cracking on a new recipe. But don’t fear, there are some recipes and foods that are easy to learn. Here are three foods to try that are friendly for beginning cooks that you should try today.

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The first easy-to-cook food for beginning chefs is eggs. Eggs are great because there is really no way to mess it up. Whether you cook them scrambled, over-easy, sunny side up, fried, in an omelet, or even as a frittata, they are very user friendly and are difficult to overcook. What you want to remember with eggs is that they can go from perfectly done to rubbery quickly. A good tip to use is to turn off your burner when the eggs are just a little bit liquid still, that way the residual heat will cook it without going too far.


Another very easy-to-cook food that is great for beginning chefs is soup. Soup is great because it offers so much variety, you can make it exactly how you like it, and it is easy to cover up tiny mistakes when you are making it. Soup is an awesome winter dish, or to have anytime you want something comforting and warm. Just heat up your broth, get your noodles cooking, and throw in any ingredients that you want. Just make sure to cook any meat or fish you are looking at before you throw it in.

Fried Rice

Another super easy and beginner-friendly food to cook is fried rice. If you like Asian food, then this is going to be a great starting recipe for you. Fried rice is great because it is very versatile. All you need to do is cook up your meat, cook up your veggies a bit, then add some rice to the pan with oil, drizzle in a bit of soy sauce, and whatever other sauces you can think of, stir it around for a few minutes and voila, you’ve got a delicious fried rice that will be killer. Add an egg or two for that traditional taste.

Cooking is one of the most practical skills that you can invest in learning. And if you are just starting out, there are a few great recipes that are great to begin learning with. Try any of these three recipes and learn valuable skills that will make you a cooking legend in no time.

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