Perfect Bars – Tasty, Wholesome Nutrition From a Family-Owned Business

Let’s face it. A lot of the food which is mass-produced by large conglomerates is simply not good for you and only intended to addict your taste buds while enriching owners. Just walk down the center aisles of any supermarket and you will see tons of artificial colors, synthetic preservatives, massive amounts of refined sugar and cheap, low-quality fats in those brightly colored packages. Profit, rather than the well-being of their customers, is obviously the priority for many firms.

Fortunately, consumers are starting to catch on and make better choices when shopping. And some smart manufacturers are taking advantage of this and making foods without all the nasty stuff inside that still taste great.

The Perfect Bar is a product which fits the “healthy while still being tasty” bill perfectly.


First a little background. Perfect Bar was created by a health and fitness pioneer named Dr. Bud Keith, who was a friend and associate of original fitness guru Jack LaLanne. He took organic peanut butter and blended it with other wholesome ingredients, including honey, veggies and fruit, and announced, “It’s Perfect!” In 2005, his eldest children took his recipes and launched the Perfect Foods Bar, now simplified to just Perfect Bar.

From the company: “Perfect Bars are gluten free, high in protein, packed with vitamins, contain 20+ organic superfoods and boast an ingredient label that is easy to pronounce and understand. Plus, they are sweetened with honey and contain NO refined sugars, artificial ingredients or preservatives—ever.”

We were recently sent a sample pack to taste the different varieties, which are Peanut Butter, Almond Butter, Cranberry Crunch Lite, Carob Chip, Fruit and Nut, Vegan Almond Coconut and Almond Acai Lite. The bars are substantial and dense, and none of us at TWK studios were able to finish an entire one at once without sharing. All of them were fantastic, with our preference leaning towards the more exotic bars such as the Cranberry and Acai ones. The bars also come in mini sizes, and these are definitely easier to consume in one sitting.

Inside each variety are things most teens know are good for them but rarely like to eat, such as kale, flax seed, rose hips, papaya, dried tomato, and even spinach. The amazing thing is that you cannot taste them…the bars are delicious and sweet. They are not diet food, but will leave you feeling full for a while, while satisfying your sweet tooth.

One caveat: the bars are made of real food and have no toxic preservatives, so they do best under refrigeration. You can have them at room temperature for about two weeks, but any longer and the natural oils will begin to separate. That’s a minor inconvenience for such a fresh, power-packed product!

To sum up: we highly recommend these bars to teens everywhere. Ditch the Snickers and get some of these instead…your body will thank you for it.

Find a local retailer here:

Watch the story of The Perfect Bar and the family who runs it here:

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