Q&A with Brothers AJ & Tony Jordan on the Eerily Wrinkling debut.

AJ and Tony Jordan (Jordanfellas on IG) are talented brothers living in Southern California. Whie Tony acts and models, AJ’s forte is writing, and is set to launch his debut book (written with assistance from his younger brother) called Eerily Wrinkling and the Prodigal Return (click HERE to order now).

The Dec. 18th launch party, featuring plenty of young Hollywood talent and influencers, is sure to be an epic one–and of course TWK will be there to cover the red carpet!

We got the chance to ask the brothers a few questions, so scroll down and enjoy!

Best or most memorable showbiz moment so far?

AJ – I do not really have experience with showbiz. I had a non-speaking role in a movie that Tony was in but have never been on set.

Tony – Showbiz is interesting. You have many opportunities to meet amazing and talented individuals. For me, that is the best part. If I had to pick a memorable moment, it would definitely be Janice Dickenson. I met her at a dog park near my house when I was 9. I was fortunate enough to have her mentor me on modeling and showbiz as a whole. She shared with me tips on how to be comfortable in front as well as behind the camera. We even had a code word between her and I that I was to use if I felt uncomfortable in a situation. I even did a photoshoot with her. She is awesome.

Tell us about your upcoming book and book launch party?

AJ – The book is called Eerily Wrinkling and the Prodigal Return. This book follows Alan Ritson’s reluctant return to his hometown of Wrinkling City, where his parents have gone missing. Returning to Wrinkling gives him anxiety, and many Wrinklingtonians do not want him back. Especially Johnny Blizzard. 

Johnny is the local celebrity in Wrinkling and a news reporter.  He and Alan used to be friends from elementary to middle school, but they had a falling out in high school. Johnny is now his nemesis that brings Wrinkling City the news – literally. The twist: Wrinkling City is governed by 12 framer families, the founding families.  Alan’s lineage is unique because he is a framer on both his mother’s and father’s side, but he still feels like he doesn’t belong. This book is about finding your path and looking at the same situation from different points of view. 

As for the Book Launch, we have some cool stuff planned, but we want to keep most of that secret for now. What I can tell you is there will be a Murder Mystery element to the book launch, and we have plenty of talented young actors lined up and ready to perform.

We wanted to make this an exciting event. Book launch parties are typically dull. We wanted everyone to be entertained. That is why we added the Murder Mystery twist and the 1920s theme. It highlights our creativity and uniqueness. It also makes the event memorable, so when we throw another event, people will be excited to show up.

What drives you to be a writer and create all these characters and worlds?

AJ – For me, writing is something I love to do. The world-building, smaller details, and history is my passion, not to mention the drama. Tony was essential in the character development and creation of some characters. Honestly, I am glad the first book I wrote was with the assistance of my brother.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you?

AJ – I feel this may come as a surprise to some, but I am extremely socially awkward.  

Tony –  I gravitate towards the water. Surfing centers me and skateboarding for me is meditation.

Name one amazing food you must eat at least once per week?

AJ – Easy Ramen/Soba I have not gone two weeks without eating one of these dishes. Ramen is a bit more well-known, but soba is similar to ramen. The main difference is the flavor, as soba uses buckwheat flour, giving it a thicker texture and better taste, in my opinion.

Tony – Definitely seaweed & ramen. Boba to wash it down.





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