Q&A With Nashville’s Gunnar Sizemore

Gunnar Sizemore is a young actor who already has some impressive credits under his belt.

You might have heard his work as the voice of Ignacio in The Book of Life movie or seen him portray Micah Brenner on ABC’s Nashville — or if you are a fan of Disney’s Kickin’ It, you probably saw him guest starring in a recent episode.

Other upcoming work includes guest starring w/ Atticus Shaffer on Clarence for Cartoon Network, the upcoming animated feature Max & Me, and I’m Scared.

Let’s get right to the Q&A:

What has been the best part about working on Nashville?

The cast and crew for sure! I’ve had a lot of scenes w/ Sam Palladio (Gunnar) and Chaley Rose (Zoe) and I’ve really had tongunnars of fun with them. It’s really fun to come to the set and high five the crew and hang out and be treated so well.

Any funny moments from working on that set?

There have been many, but one that stands out is me, Sam & Chaley would goof around a lot. For example, we would tell jokes between takes.

Tell us about Max & Me and your role in it?

I play the character of Raymond, son of one of the main characters.He is very religious. The toughest part, yet the funnest part, of this role was I got to work with a dialect coach. I learned how to speak completely in a heavy Polish accent. It was awesome! My coach Mary McDonald Lewis was so fun to work with.

You do a lot of voice work. Do you prefer doing voiceovers or on-screen acting?

I enjoy them both equally, but they are really different. In v/o I can tell a story with my voice and connect with the audience that way. Being on camera, I can connect with them visually. Both are a blessing to be able to do.

How do your parents help you in your career…are they very involved or do they just let you do your thing?

My parents always ask me first if I WANT to do the job. Of course they screen the script first, but they always ask me if I’m interested first. Then we look over the material together and they are as involved as they need to be. Sometimes I have a good read on the material and can run with it on my own. My Dad is such a great actor and I always learn from him when we read together. Also, my parents are always with me (at least one of them) on every job I do and I love having them there by my side.

I see that you were at the world famous Ryman Auditorium recently. What was that for?

I was invited to take part in the Christmas 4 Kids event hosted by The Charlie Daniels Band. What a great cause to be part of and be able to give back was amazing! Visit their website and see all the great things they are doing http://www.christmas4kids.org

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be and why?

I always thought it would be cool to fly.

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I am in my second year of taking Mandarin Chinese and that I have a skill called Body Percussion that my parent’s buddy, Bronkar Lee taught me!

[Small world…we met him a couple of years ago…see the 11:30 mark in the vid below]

What do you have coming up next?

I’m back in the studio doing another series of episodes of Adventures In Odyssey for Focus On The Family in January. Then I get to work at Disney Character Voices with one of my favorite directors, Ben Hoppe!! I am voicing FLOUNDER from The Little Mermaid for a new kids toy!

What is the best way for fans to keep in touch with you?

On twitter and instagram @GunnarSizemore or http://www.imdb.me/gunnarsizemore

Could you please send us a selfie of whatever you are doing right now?

Playing HEADBANDZ with my Mom! It makes us laugh out loud!!

Great selfie Gunnar…love that game! Thanks for the interview!

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