Qualifications You Need To Become a Modern Blacksmith

If you love the idea of being a modern-day blacksmith as a future career or hobby, you first need to know how to get there. There are some education and training requirements you must complete before pursuing a career in blacksmithing. Keep reading to find out the qualifications you need to become a modern blacksmith.

Qualifications You Need To Become a Modern Blacksmith

Previous Education

When you’re getting started as a blacksmith, most apprenticeship programs will require you to have at least a high school diploma. You may also want to consider pursuing an associate’s degree from a trade school with a specialization in industrial topics like metalworking, welding, or industrial technology. Having this extra knowledge and learning more about the industry can help you when applying for apprenticeships and wrapping your head around the technical side of things. Your associate program may even be able to offer or help you get into a training or apprenticeship program.

Blacksmithing Apprenticeship

The next step after completing your education is hands-on training through an apprenticeship, job shadowing, or courses taught by working blacksmiths. This will help you get solid experience with the craft for you to build your skills. You will also have a better understanding of whether this field is something that you want to pursue on your own or if you’re looking for another industrial path. Blacksmithing can be an expensive career and hobby to get into, so the hands-on training can help you decide if it’s truly for you.

Laws and Licensing

According to general blacksmithing laws in the United States, there are currently no federal laws that require you to be certified as a hobbyist or full-time blacksmith. However, you should always look into your local and state laws, especially if you plan to sell your own creations and start your own forge. Many states have commercial sale laws and open flame laws that govern the sale and creation of products you would be selling as a commercial or hobbyist blacksmith.

Overall, blacksmithing can be an enjoyable and profitable career for students who are creative and love working with their hands. You just need a bit more specific training before you’re ready to start working at a forge and hammering out your own creations. Make sure to consider the qualifications you need to become a modern blacksmith if you’re interested in pursuing this craft.

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