Ready to become a great teen investor? Teach Me Wall Street shows you how.

One of the biggest complaints teenagers have is that school really doesn’t prepare them for real life. For example, unless you plan to work for NASA or create your own artificial intelligence-powered robot, Calculus really doesn’t do much towards most people’s success in life. (That’s not to say working for NASA or building robots isn’t super cool tho).

Apart from dating and relationships, the single most under-taught subject in school is personal finance. You know, earning money to pay your rent, buy a car and stuff like that. And NO regular high school teaches the most important part of finance: investing.

When you invest, you grow your money by putting it into stocks, bonds, real estate, a small business startup, options, foreign currency, life insurance policies, etc. There are many choices out there, but too many of us are ignorant on the subject until way later in life – and that‘s a shame because the sooner you start investing the more money you can have at a younger age (look up compound interest so you get the idea of how this works).

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Teach Me Wall Street

Fortunately, there is an online camp coming up for teens ages 13-18 which promises to cover all the basics of investing from a REAL WORLD perspective, so you can learn how to make money with smart investments. It’s called Teach Me Wall Street, and students will learn about:

  • the stock market
  • currency trading
  • related financial institutions
  • fintech (finance technology) and jobs
  • and how they all come together.

Summer Camp is offered in three tracks over the summer, starting July 6. Participants can take one track or all three. (ALL TIMES BELOW IN EASTERN TIME)

Track 1 – July 6 – 10 OR July 27 – 31 – 10am – 12pm

Wall Street 101 –  Teaches how Wall Street and the stock market work and who the players are.

Track 2- July 13 – 17 OR Aug 3 – 7 – 10am – 12pm

Fintech and Jobs of the New Economy – Find out how technology creates and changes jobs – and where the new jobs are.

Track 3 – July 20 – 24 OR Aug 10 – 14 – 10am – 3pm – Intensive Boot Camp

Currency Trading – Explore the principals of currency trading, get a technical analysis and find out how international events affect the markets and you.

Much of the material covered in the summer camp is not taught in school. It’s not text book based but rather provides what teens really need to learn about alternative investments in order to be successful in life as investors.

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“The best gift any educator can get is seeing how, when students learn, they are able to connect all the dots. Countless times people have told me how they are taught about various things, but never really understand how it all works. However, when taking a workshop or tour with us there is context and history, and we make it fun – so it is easy to learn how the stock exchange and the whole financial system works.”

—Annaline Dinkelmann, Founder

First year online

The company has been teaching and touring Wall Street for the past 12 years, but due to Covid 19, they have taken their education online.

Past teachers who brought student groups in person rave:

“Great company to work with! I highly recommend booking a tour or workshop with them.”

“Thank you for a wonderful and informative Wall Streets tour. The students and staff enjoyed it very much! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to booking next year tour with our 2020 incoming class!”

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