Reasons Why Natural Gas Is Energy Efficient

When discussing energy, many people are ready for change. Powering the world at the cost of the environment and our livelihood is not something most people are comfortable with. Fortunately, there are many reasons why natural gas is energy-efficient.

Reasons Why Natural Gas Is Energy Efficient

For ages, humanity has relied on oil and coal for energy. Combustible and dirty, these two resources are expensive to source and do nothing to give back to the environment. The soot, ash, and other chemical compounds resulting from this combustion are only a fraction of the problems they trigger.

On the other hand, natural gas is a “clean burning” resource that contains and emits few trace chemicals other than carbon dioxide and water vapor. It’s also extremely user-friendly. For this reason, many people heat their homes and businesses and cook with natural gas.

Because natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, it emits 50–60 percent less CO2 while in combustion than its counterparts. Under the right conditions, through the process of cogeneration, natural gas can use 75–80 percent of its energy for utilization. Coal and oils only reach about 33–40 percent on a good day.

Even with procedures in place like the EPA protocol gas procedure used to detect harmful levels of chemicals and specialty gases in the atmosphere, natural gas does not fall into that category because it has virtually no pollutants. At half the emission rate of coal and less for oil, the International Gas Union has stated that natural gas is safe and reliable.

Given the statistics, we can safely say that natural gas is more consistent in terms of sustainability. It is more reliable than electricity and is more useful as it converts to energy at much higher percentages than coal and oil. As we produce most of our gas in the US, it cuts the cost of natural gas consumption.

So if you’re looking for reasons why natural gas is energy-efficient, there are many factors to consider. Because it is readily available, it’s an affordable commodity. And since it’s such a clean resource and releases few emissions, choosing natural gas over many alternatives leads to a healthier environment. Finally, because energy converts from gas heat faster and at higher rates, it’s also more reliable than electricity alone.

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