Remodeling your room? How to deal with old carpet removal!

When you’re handling a carpet removal project, precision is important. And since we all make mistakes, it’s important that we point out some of the common mistakes people make during carpet removal. Let’s face it–a lot of teens get bored with their room decor real quick, so this guide will help you should you get the urge to start ripping up your dingy carpet!

First, to play it safe, go here to get professional carpet removal services to avoid headaches. But if you are determined to make this a DIY project, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when removing carpets.


Failing to Move Obstructing Objects Away Before the Carpet Removal

When you’re working and have things obstructing your way, the performance goes down. And you’re quite unlikely to carry out the entire process successfully. Thus, it makes more sense to move items away from your vicinity and carry out the task uninterrupted.

Some of the things that you need to move include pieces of furniture, electrical appliances, and any other item that’s on top of the carpet. Not moving these items will give you a hard time when handling the project.

This is equally one of the most challenging processes during carpet removal. And in which case, you might need the assistance of friends and family members. If not, then you’d want to hire a labor force to help you out. Moving furniture isn’t a joke. It’s so hard that you can easily break your back if you decide to do everything on your own. And don’t forget that you’ll also move the electrical appliances, which are fairly heavy.

All of these challenges in moving stuff make people opt to hire carpet removal companies rather than doing the task themselves.

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Not Starting the Carpet Removal from the Corners

It’s easier to remove the carpet when you start from the corners rather than anywhere else. The goal is to simplify the process of carpet removal in such a manner that it makes it easier for you to complete it within a short time.

As a DIY carpet remover, make sure you start the process from the corners. They are perhaps the hardest to start. But once you’ve started, it becomes a breeze for the rest of the process.

The reason why corners are best to start with is that carpets are normally installed firmly on the corners. This helps to prevent them from coming off easily.

Forgetting to Prepare Tools and Equipment for the Carpet Removal

Like any other procedure, you’ll need to use a set of tools for carpet removal. Failing to use these tools can make the entire process quite difficult. And it’s important for you to use the right tools for the specific job that you want to do, which is carpet removal in this case. Just because a screwdriver can hit nails doesn’t make it the right tool for that specific task.

On the flip side, you need to get special equipment that will protect you against the harsh nature of the job. For instance, you’ll need gloves that’ll protect your hands from the harsh staples and tack strips that were used in the installation of the carpet. Similarly, you’ll need to use face masks that will protect you from the dust particles all over the old rug. When a carpet is too old, then there are chances that it has a lot of bacteria, fungi, and dust particles. All of these things can quickly flare up your allergies if you’re not too careful. Thus, it would be advisable to protect yourself.

Additionally, you’ll need to use safety goggles that can protect you from any flying projectiles. The eyes are too sensitive to ignore. And not protecting them early on can be more expensive when it comes to treating any injuries to it.


Failing to Rent a Dumpster and Storage Container

These two items are vital, especially when you’re handling a solo carpet removal project. A dumpster is to help you collect all of the remains that you need to dispose of during carpet removal. Depending on the size of the carpet, there are different dumpsters that you can choose to use. Pick one that’s rather larger in case you’re not good at estimations. Alternatively, you could equally let the dumpster rental company make this decision for you with their professionals.

Storage containers are equally important when you’re handling a carpet removal project. Just take time and imagine where all of the items you’ve removed from your house will land. Sure, they can stay right outside the house. But what if it rains or the weather suddenly becomes harsh to them. Have in mind that some of these things will stop working if any water molecules land on them. Thus, the wisest thing to do would be to rent a storage container for all of the items.

These containers will cost you less than the damage that you’d foot in case the things you leave outside fall victim to destruction.

Final Thoughts

That’s about every mistake you need to know about carpet removal. Are you now ready to plan a project? Well, just be sure to have these key errors at the back of your mind to avoid repeating them.

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