Sasha Anne: Empowerment through Makeup & Music

Sasha Anne is probably best known for her YouTube channel Sasha Anne which posts makeup tutorials and transformations. In 2017 she was a finalist in the Shorty Awards for her Cinderella makeup video and in 2018 she won the Audience Award for Best in Beauty for her Wonder Woman Gal Gadot makeup video as part of her Empowering Young Women campaign.

Leaving New York for Los Angeles helped launch her acting career, starring in the indie horror film Reeds Point: Bad Blood Never Dies produced by Suzanne DeLaurentis streaming on Amazon Prime as well as a cameo in the upcoming series All Fours with Eric Roberts.

Recently, she has also been garnering attention for her musical efforts. These include her debut single Catch Me I’m Falling, a cover of the 80’s hit by Pretty Poison, which hit #1 on the Indie Charts and has over 1 million streams. This was followed by This is Your Night, a remake of the popular 90’s hit.

Her latest release, Scars, is an original track available now on all platforms. It features an extensive selection of remixes by reknown producers which, in our opinion, are all fire! 🔥

Sasha has added talk show host to her extensive resume with the start of her new YouTube talk show The Vibe with Sasha Anne. Bullied in middle school for her Dyslexia, she is now an anti-bullying advocate and uses her influence to empower others that are being bullied.

When not working, this extraordinary cancer survivor enjoys experimenting with fashion, makeup, and everything Disney. 

Here’s 5 more fast facts about Sasha Anne!

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Recording ‘Scars’ brought back past difficult memories.

Scars is a very emotional, uplifting and powerful song. When recording, I had to sort of go back to when I was in a difficult time and make it heard in my voice. It was like acting. It was more difficult to bring that past to present when I was shooting the video but it’s so special to me because it’s something that I went through and I know that everyone will be able to relate in some way. It’s also a mental health message.

She’s thrilled with all the remixes!

I’m honored that so many amazing DJs have remixed my song and have worked so hard on it. Each remix sounds amazing in their own way. I’m blown away by how talented each DJ is. 

If we asked her best friends what her best quality is, they would say:

They would say I’m very thoughtful, caring and generous.

She’s a self-made content creator.

I edit all my own YouTube videos and film them myself.

One food she REFUSES to eat is:

Gefilte fish. Ugh! Just typing it makes me nauseous. Not everyone knows what it is. It’s more of a Jewish food but it’s gross.


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